Friday, July 1, 2016

Let's Have Fun Volume 2

The sun shines longer on this day—the Summer Solstice. People gather for picnics, fun in the sun, and all kinds of celebrations. What can be more fun than checking out the fabulous stories in Let’s Have Fun Volume 2! 


Ten Solstice Publishing authors present to you stories of events that happened on the Summer Solstice. Explore this day in the far future, discover a crystal forest, and journey to past desire along with many more adventures and discover new authors who have a multitude of books available for your pleasure.  

Let’s Have Fun Volume 2 features Arthur Butt, Candace SamsChera Thompson, CS Patra, Dale S. Rogers, E.B. Sullivan, Ilena Holder, James Osborne, Lou Rera, and Simon Maltman with stories all about what happens one summer solstice day. 

Check out our authors and their stories with Let’s Have Volume 2 on June 21, 2016! 

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