Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Guest Blogger: Jim Cronin

The Story:
His home world is dead; the victim of a supernova, but this does not stop Karm from attempting to save the Brin, his extinct species. Rescued by an alien race from a derelict spacecraft as a vial of DNA, then cloned, Karm must travel back in time, convince a small team of co-conspirators to join him in his quest, and outmaneuver a power hungry monarch and his fanatic brother, leader of The Faith, both absolutely committed to opposing him.           
All of Karm’s plans rest on the untested and controversial cloning theories of the young geneticist Dr. Jontar Rocker, and the abilities of his bodyguard, personal assistant, and surrogate niece, Maripa. Will their combined efforts be enough to overcome the power of the monarchy and the planet’s most influential religion? Will Karm’s secrets destroy the trust of his companions and ruin his campaign to save the Brin?
The Cover:

Come in, Latonia Base…come in Latonia Base. This is Starship Hegira, repeat, this is Hegira. Come in, Latonia.”
Static crackled from the speaker. The lieutenant, bleeding and dying from the injuries he received during the mutiny trembled feebly as he gripped the microphone. Blood soaked his crest feathers; his talons broken and jagged from the hand-to-hand combat in the spaceship’s passageways. He knew his wounds were fatal, but his duty was clear: to report back to base about the failure of the mission. His body tensed as the next wave of pain shot through him.
“Latonia Base, this is Hegira. Come in. Priority clearance Falcon, Delta. Come in Base. Damn you to hell!” the soldier shouted in desperation. “Somebody answer! Come in, Latonia!” The microphone dropped from his talons, clattering on the control panel before falling to the metal plated floor. The lieutenant slumped back into the chair, pressing a blood soaked rag to his shoulder. Staring out the view port he watched the star-filled blackness and wondered at the cruel turn fate had taken over the past few days.
Reviews: on Amazon.com
- Great book! Twists in plot were well thought out & timed perfectly - just when you thought you knew where you were going, a twist comes into play… by Clare Bruno
- Mr. Cronin writes on several levels successfully: from the detailed lives of a myriad of characters to the larger economic & political powers at play in a full world, complex and dangerous. And that's not even counting the star that's about to go supernova!... by Debauched Sloth
- The author's characters are varied, both in personality and trait, which makes them all interesting…. Hegira augurs well for Jim Cronin's future books. I look forward to reading more from him. .. by Tracy Black
- Of obvious appeal to sci-fi fans but the strong story-line gives this book universal appeal. So I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good, well-written story…. By Maria
- Wow! It's been a long time since I read good science fiction. Cronin's writing is superb and his world building abilities are impressive. At times, I had to slow down and take it all in. But he put the story together nicely. The twists throughout were well-placed and the story itself had a great flow.
Hegira offers so much to readers: mystery, adventure, and even some romance! … by Carissa Beckherms
- This is a new author to me and I completely enjoyed the wild ride. From the outset the reader knew that Karm was sent from the future to save his race when his world’s sun supernovas. You even know how the last mission went wrong so when you are reading and see the same pattern developing you turn the pages with despair. History is doomed to repeat itself, yet you are compelled to keep turning pages. The book has built in plot twists which makes reading until the end very rewarding. Thank you for the wonderful story…. By Kestrel watcher
Social Media Contacts:
Twitter: @authorjimcronin

Author Biography:
I worked for thirty five years as a middle school science teacher, but am now semi-retired, working part-time as an educator/performer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I have been married for thirty seven years to the love of my life, Diane. Together, we raised two incredible sons, and now have a beautiful granddaughter to spoil rotten.
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in Arlington, Virginia before moving to Denver where I attended High School and eventually college at Colorado State University, graduating with a degree in Zoology and a teacher certification. I currently live near Denver in the small town of Parker.
While I have always enjoyed reading science fiction stories, actually writing one never seemed possible. Just ask any of my former Language Arts co-teachers. They will confirm my complete mystification by the English language. However, on a lark, and at the urging of my brother, I labored to learn to write. It only took three years of editing, rewriting, and regular rejections to finally produce this book. It has proved to be a fascinating and incredible journey.

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