Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tips to help you understand Twitter better

Are you new to Twitter and can’t quite figure it out?  Here’s some helpful tips.

First  thing: When you  first set up your account don’t go in and follow every celebrity you like. Most won’t follow back and then you will hit your Twitter limit. You won’t be able to follow any more followers until the ratio gets a little more balanced.

Uh Oh you already did that. Now what? It’s okay. Don’t worry. All you need to do is go in and unfollow some of the people not following you back.

A fast way to see who isn’t following you back is to go to  You have to allow it to link to your Twitter account but it’s FREE. You can only unfollow 100 people a day. So if you have your account really messed up it might take you some time to get it all fixed. But just log in and each day unfollow 100 people who are not following you back. You will be back on track in a week or two. Then your Twitter limit will be lifted and you can follow people who do follow back.

I’m not saying don’t follow your favorite celebrities. I follow lots of celebrities. I’m saying it’s a balancing act. After you have 2000 followers the limits slack up a little bit. So I would wait until then before following people that you think may not follow you back. And you don't have to follow every one back that follows you. We'll talk a later about some accounts that you don't want to waste your follow on. Spam accounts and things like that.

Next: If you want to thank somebody for a Retweet or a Favorite or for following you then do it publicly as a tweet. Don’t send them a private message that nobody can see. If you tweet it then your followers can see it and they can follow that person if they want to. If you send them a private message nobody else will ever see it. Cross promotion can be your friend.

Send out Follow tweets. Shoutouts to other people. Tell your followers to follow a list of people using their Twitter ID’s and they may retweet your tweet to their followers which might get you a few more followers.  Even if they don’t retweet it they will appreciate the shoutout anyway.

For all you authors out there. Don’t expect people to Retweet and mention your book if you don’t plan on returning the favor. Like I said Cross promotion is your friend. But don’t be a one sided friend LOL Don’t expect other people to tweet things for you if you don’t plan on returning the favor.

Ok next thing to talk about. Spam accounts. You are wondering why in the world am I being followed by accounts that want to sell me followers, or sell me ray ban sun glasses, or the worst of all they only post naked pictures or barely clothed. It happens. Don’t think too much of it. Just block them or mute them. All you have to do is click on your followers. Then at each one you want to block scroll over to the little gear looking thing and click on it. It will give you the option to block or mute them. Or just ignore it completely. If you aren’t following them back you won’t see their posts anyway.

That’s probably enough for now. I don’t want to write a book here LOL I'll give more tips later on.

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