Thursday, June 18, 2015

Deadly Secrets: The Lesson

Skylar Madison wasn’t like every other girl about to turn eighteen. Her family had secrets; too many secrets. As her birthday approached, she grew more and more anxious. They were going to make her be part of the family business soon, even if she didn’t want any part of it. She needed to find a way out.
Having a job in a family business would be any young adults dream. However; when your family business was to be a paid assassin it wasn’t exactly Skylar’s dream job. 

She had to spend her senior year learning how to shoot a gun at the gun range with her trainer, Anthony. She only had a few weeks before her birthday. At eighteen she would be given her first job. She had a short amount of time to try and convince her grandfather to let her out of the business or she would have to kill somebody for the first time. 

Time is running out. What will Skylar do? 

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