Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chapter One: Deadly Secrets: The Lesson

Skylar Madison wasn’t like every other girl about to turn eighteen. Her family had secrets; too many secrets. As her birthday approached, she grew more and more anxious. They were going to make her be part of the family business soon, even if she didn’t want any part of it. She needed to find a way out.
Having a job in a family business would be any young adults dream. However; when your family business was to be a paid assassin it wasn’t exactly Skylar’s dream job. 
She had to spend her senior year learning how to shoot a gun at the gun range with her trainer, Anthony. She only had a few weeks before her birthday. At eighteen she would be given her first job. She had a short amount of time to try and convince her grandfather to let her out of the business or she would have to kill somebody for the first time. 
Time is running out. What will Skylar do?

Chapter One
            Skylar Madison curled up in her favorite corner of her room. Once again, alone. Her family had too many secrets to keep, even in Haywood. As her birthday approached, she grew more and more anxious. They were going to make her part of the family business soon, even if she didn’t want any part of it. She needed to find a way out.”
As she walked into the kitchen, where her mom was making breakfast, she glanced out the window and saw a moving truck next door. “New neighbors I see.”
            Her mom rolled her eyes. “I’m sure they won’t stay any longer than the last ones did. After breakfast I want to take you shopping for everything we need for your birthday party.”
            “Mom. I don’t want a big party.” Skylar poured her orange juice into a small glass. “I don’t want a bunch of people that I hardly even know coming and gawking at me. ‘Oh she’s eighteen now. When does she start work?’ I mean really, I get it. I have to start working in the family business, but you know it’s not normal right?”
            “Oh Skylar stop being so overly dramatic.”
“Well Mom. Most girls who turn eighteen get to pick out colleges not pick out which gun they want to kill their first mark with.”
“Skylar! That’s enough. Finish your juice. We have your party this weekend and we need to get everything ready. There will be a lot of people here.”
“Fine.” Skylar said as she let out a big sigh. She set her glass down on the counter. “I’ll go get dressed. Give me just a minute.” She hurried up the stairs to her bedroom. She opened the door to her closet and got out some designer jeans and one of her favorite red t-shirts. It didn’t take long for her to get ready. She brushed her long brown hair quickly and left it hanging down her back.  Skylar hurried back to the kitchen to her mom. “So is my party a work thing or are my friends invited.” She pushed a strand of hair out of her face that kept falling in front of her eyes.”
Her mom gave her that look. The one mom’s give you when they have had enough of your attitude. “Skylar you know that this party is a private party.”
“Oh private. That’s what we’re calling it. Private. Yeah. I like that.”
“Very funny. Stop acting out. You are an adult in just a few days. Try acting like one. Friday night, we’ll have a small party for you and your friends. How does that sound? Will that work?”
Skylar smiled. “Yes. That would be great.” She grabbed a hair tie off the counter and pulled her hair back into a ponytail so it would quit falling in her eyes.
She spent the day going from place to place with her mom getting supplies and making orders at the restaurants who would cater the big event. When they got back home Skylar helped carry everything in and laid it all on the counter.
“Ok now that my work is done I’m going to get changed and go for a run. Unless you have something else?”
Her mom waved her hand. “No. Go ahead. You need to stay on track with your work out. Don’t want to get out of shape.”
Skylar rolled her eyes as she ran upstairs to change into her running suit. She grabbed her iPod and ran to the door. She would run five miles every day to stay in shape.  As she went out the door she saw a somewhat good looking guy across the street carrying a box. She could see his muscles through his white t-shirt. Definitely a guy who stays in shape she thought. Sandy blond hair. As he caught a glimpse of her she waved and then put her ear phones in and started her run.  She did it more to get away from reality than to stay in shape. Her senior year was almost over and she would be eighteen in a few days. Reality was about to set in.
Skylar walked in the door and up to her bathroom to take a quick shower before meeting her friends at their favorite pizza hangout. It was nice to pretend to have a normal life even if she knew it wasn’t going to last much longer.
Her friends were all laughing and joking in their favorite corner booth in the back. “Got room for one more.” She laughed as she plopped down in the seat beside Tammy, the girl with black curly hair that went about halfway down her back. Skylar had known her since grade school.
“Where have you been?” Tammy asked.
“Running errands with my mom all day. What fun. But she is planning on giving me a birthday party on Friday and you are all invited of course. It’s my reward for putting up with the family only party she is throwing next Saturday. She knows I hate those get togethers.”
They sat there until closing time and then they had to leave. It was a school night anyway.
Skylar pulled into her drive in her little red convertible mustang she got when she was sixteen. When she got out of the car she saw the cute neighbor guy putting trash bags in the can by the sidewalk. She walked over to him. “Hi. I’m Skylar.”
“Hi. I’m Nate. I just moved in. Uh okay that was stupid. Obviously I just moved in.”
Skylar laughed. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m having a party Friday night if you want to come. A bunch of my friends will be there. It will be a good way for you to meet people. If you want to.”
“Yeah sure. That sounds like fun.”
“Great. I better go. I’ll see you later.” She turned and walked away.
The minute she walked in the door her father was waiting for her. “ Who were you talking to out there?”
“Hi Daddy. That’s the new neighbor. Don’t really know anything about him, but I thought I would be nice and invite him to my party on Friday night.”
“Okay I guess. Just be careful.”
“Of course. I’m going to go on to bed now.” Skylar turned and walked away. They didn’t really have the type of father daughter relationship where they said I love you and gave each other a kiss. She knew he loved her and it wasn’t needed to be said.
Skylar remembered being fifteen years old and learning that her father was not only a hit man but a very powerful one who controlled several other men under him. Her father was in line to take over the entire business when his father passes away. Skylar knew that her family was wealthy and she knew that it somehow stemmed from her grandfather, who just by looking at his house you could tell he had money. When she turned apparently the age of all grown up, she learned what her family does and that she is meant to start doing her part at eighteen. She had no say in the matter. You did what you were told in this family. How could she go up against a family of hit men anyway? She wouldn’t stand a chance so it was best for her to do as she was told. She wasn’t looking forward to her first mark as they were called. Sometime after her birthday she would be given her first assignment. She wasn’t excited about it at all.
Not wanting to think about it anymore, Skylar went to bed.


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