Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest Blogger: KateMarie Collins

Another thrilling story by the international best-selling author of “Mark of the Successor”! 

Third place in the annual P&E Poll - Best Short Story Sci-Fi/Fantasy of 2014. 

Fin depends on her companions to keep her safe…and out of chains. As one of the Amari, the only race that can harness magic, she longs for a normal life. One where she didn’t have to constantly look over her shoulder, and she could fall in love. 

Alaric fell hard for Fin from the moment he laid his eyes on her three years ago. He swore an oath to keep her safe, even if it meant his life. But he knew that any relationship he could hope to have with her would be on her terms. 

When a king offers them the chance at a normal life, Fin’s cautious. And rightly so, as there are others who think she’s the one to lead the Amari from a life of slavery. 

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