Sunday, December 7, 2014

Guest blogger: Character from Lost Through Time

Northern Light Region Newspaper: It’s been a week since your release from the hospital, Kate. We heard the barn was a total loss. And we’re sorry to hear about your family’s loss.
How are you coping?

Kate Christenson: I’m angry. I’m in a lot of pain. There are so many questions that remain unanswered.

NLRN: Can you tell us what happened that night?

Kate: I know it was my Grandfather who pulled me from the barn, but I have no idea how the fire started.

NLRN: The police are saying the fire was a result of arson. Are you a suspect?

Kate: Like I said before, I have no idea how the fire started or how I came to be in the barn in the first place.

NLRN: You’ve been quite the center of attention around these parts this summer.  First, you were a part in solving the disappearance of your Aunt back in 1960? How is that possible?

Kate: I know there’s a ton of rumors about that. I can’t explain how I know – you wouldn’t believe me if I did. But the truth needed to be heard. The funny thing is, now I’m not so sure I got the story straight. There’s still an evil out there.

NLRN: That sounds threatening. Do the residents of Baudette need to be worried?

Kate: No, I’m pretty sure that person’s out for one thing and one thing only.

NLRN: Can I ask you something off the record?

Kate: I guess so.

NLRN:I have an inside source stating that you have some sort of connection to Travis Kochevar? That’s sort of a bizarre age difference don’t you think? An eye witness saw you enter his house earlier this summer to-

Kate: I have no comment on that. Ever.

NLRN: Noted. I’ve also heard another member of your family is staying at the Christenson residence; another victim of tragedy? Can you give me any details on that? That seems to be a lot of coincidence and tragedy for one family in one summer.

Kate: You could say that. I can’t really explain what our family is going through right now. We’re all trying to grieve and learn the truth at the same time. We would appreciate a time of privacy while our family makes arrangements for the funerals and decisions for the future.

NLRN: Will you be staying at the home of your grandparents until you are finished healing?

Kate: I’ll be staying here until I get some answers.

NLRN: Is there anything else you can tell us about the events leading up to this time period? Any thoughts on possible suspects? Any enemies to the Christenson family?

Kate: I definitely have thoughts but I can’t share them with you. I have seen too much these past few weeks. I have learned to believe in things I never knew existed and I have seen the past with my own eyes.

NLRN: Are you saying you’re some sort of seer? Or psychic?

Kate: I think I’m tired now. I need to rest.

NLRN: Would you be interested in a follow up interview in a few months when things settle down?

Kate: I think it will depend on if I’ve found what I’m looking for.

NLRN: And that is?

Kate: Let me show you to the door. We’ll be in touch…

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