Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Guest Blogger: Summer Solstice Publishing and Elle Marlow

Hey, everyone, welcome to today’s interview with Amazon bestselling author Elle Marlow and her publisher Summer Solstice Publishing. Her book, Josey’s Mountain, has sold over 2500 copies since its release in early July. We just have to know how she accomplished this amazing feat.
Elle, darling, talk to us. Tell us what your secret is, or give our readers a hint into how you manage to do so well.
Summer Solstice: Your Amazon bio is beautifully simple, yet it also speaks to the reader as your best friend. Tell us how you came up with the formula for this.
Elle: My answer may not make some people happy, but if I am going to be perfectly honest as so that I can somehow help another author, that’s what I’m going to do, come what may. 
 I believe my bio was inspired by the way that Sarah Palin also speaks and writes. It doesn’t matter if you agree with her politically, most will admit she has a way of coming across as a friendly neighbor.
 Most of us, when we sit around the kitchen table discussing matters at hand, do not use flowery descriptions or big words when speaking with family. So I made an effort to be sure that I could come across as real as possible while getting the information across.  I am not high paying author, I am a housewife in Arizona with a family, pets, and lucky enough to be married to a great man. I have all I need and feel blessed. I want the readers to know me, to know my books.  
 Will you find typo’s and grammar mistakes. Yep. Will you also get a great story? I hope so. 
Hmmm? I’m going to have to rethink how I write my bio. It’s definitely a way to bring the author closer to their reader.

Summer Solstice: Next, You’ve had a lot of success with your books during July. A lot of people are aching to know how you did that. You’ve indicated you use specific categories, but is there anything else special you did? Blog? Website? Did a happy dance in the middle of the street?
Elle: My first love in romance writing is Native Romance. I wrote One Hundred Horses and published that book in January. It went straight to the top. For a variety of reasons; first, I believe the cover caught the eye. I made sure the blurb and the first chapter was as filled with action and drama from the get go. Think of it as an audition. You have a reader’s attention for maybe two or three minutes. Do you really want to fill that once chance with back story or do you want to grab them by the shirt and get in their face and yell; “Pay Attention!” LOL  
  I try and write all my books where immediately the reader is put straight into the action. I think the formula works. And One Hundred Horses, The Shaman’s Song and Josey’s Mountain all sort of advertised for each other by the way that Amazon has designed their website and search authors works etc.   
 Cover, blurb, and first chapter have to rock, and action. Exactly what all authors should do.

Summer Solstice: You must have a devoted fan base. Can you tell everyone how you developed that?

Elle:  I don’t think I can as of yet, honestly claim that. I’m new. I’ve only been published since January. I think I am being discovered and I hope that a fan base is growing. That would be amazing. However, I do not think it’s in place yet. However, I am grateful and I try to make sure the reader knows my gratitude. With so many areas of entertainment out to grab a dollar, it is truly an honor that someone spent their hard earned money on one of my stories. They had many choices. Make sure as a writer, you know how much their trust in your work means to you.
What a great idea. We need to be as loyal to our fans as they are to us.

Summer Solstice: Elle, we know you have a promotion coming up soon, after you sell just a few more copies of Josey’s Mountain. Can you tell us about that please?
Elle: Yep, a FB event is being planned. I cordially invite all of Solstice authors to take part, hold their own give a ways within this event. It isn’t so much, “Hey let’s celebrate Josey’s success,” as much as let’s just celebrate our field. 
I have teamed up with Midnight Gypsy to make a Josey’s Fragrance as part of the event. I can’t wait to give these out.  
I’m still waiting on the supply, so I don’t have dates yet.
So, devoted readers, if you’re looking for more about Elle and her books, pay attention to Facebook. That event promises to be one that you’ll love. Elle, it was fabulous having you here.
Here are the places where you can find out more about Elle:

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