Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Blogger:Chris Perdue

Welcome Chris Perdue to my blog today.

What if the zombies were the supernatural heroes while the humans were the evil villains? What if the hero Adam was a self proclaimed dumbass who had only one purpose in the world... to find his bad ass zombie girlfriend Luna. And what if he found his beloved only to realize that she had supernatural strength, was a hell of a lot smarter than him, and was willing to use the lure of sexual gratification to bite him? Yeah you get the idea... Adam is destined to become the funniest zombie in history. Yet there are enigmas wrapped in mysteries with riddles and other secretive juicy tidbits that lay beneath the facade of the zombie condition. Stereotypical at first, they evolve from their transitional state, and discover it is their duty to save the world from humans. Just when you think this book is over you realize the journey has just begun.

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