Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guest Blogger: Deborah Melanie

Childhood Memories

For me, the City of York is a mystical place, where as a child I would enjoy special days out with my mum. We would set off on the coach from Lancashire and travel northwards towards the yellow, light-filled tunnel in Leeds and onwards to the land of adventure.

The Yorkshire Museum Gardens were my favourite haunt; a place to enjoy our picnic and then a chance to play amongst the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey. I’m sure that by now, it would seem to be a small enclosure, but as a child, I found the space enormous and loved the chance to spread my wings and run across the lush, green slopes of grass.

The Castle Museum houses rich collections. But for me, the Victorian street of Kirkgate was always my favourite spot. The chance to “watch” the candle maker at work, or pas by the coach and horses was always a delight, but most of all I loved the sight and smell of the sweet shop; the most enchanting exhibit of them all.

With city walls to walk over and museums aplenty, I find it difficult to imagine that anyone would be bored by all that York has to offer. For children, who love to explore and adults, who enjoy a rich tapestry of history, I think York is one of the most marvellous places to spend one’s time.

So tell me readers; where is the setting for your happy childhood memories?

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  1. No wonder it was a wonderful childhood memory. Sound incredible! Living in the desert, my best childhood (and lots of adult) favorite memories would always come down to the beach. I love the ocean!!!!