Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kelly Abell


Writing Paranormal Romance
By Kelly Abell

I consider myself a multi-genre author in many respects, but I’ve always had a love for the paranormal. Not books that involve vampires or werewolves, but ghosts and spirits. Have you ever wondered what happens if someone gets stuck on their way to the hereafter. What if they have unfinished business or they just love someone too much to leave them behind until they know they are safe and able to function without them. I’ve heard so many stories from friends who have lost loved ones and had so many strange things happen after their love has departed.

I have a very special friend who lost her husband several years ago. Before he died they both had a love for yellow butterflies. He would take pictures of them whenever they showed up in the yard or if they were on a walk. During his life, Bob (not his real name) was very involved with all the sports his children participated in, but lacrosse was his favorite. He spent a great deal of time coaching both his son and daughter on proper technique. After he passed away, his daughter began to notice that during every game she played she would always see a yellow butterfly. In fact one landed on her shoulder at the end of a game they’d won. They believe, and I happen to agree, that this was a sign from Bob that he was still there, dropping in to say hello and making sure all was well.

In my short story Blackheart Point, Michelle Watling is on the run from her past straight into her destiny. Becoming the new curator at Blackheart Point Lighthouse was her dream job. And the fact that it was in Maine and far away from her past was even better. On the day she arrived it felt like she’d come home. Never had she been so comfortable in a place, oh and by the way, it’s haunted. Sam Blackheart was a pirate in the early 1700’s. Never good enough to marry his lady love, he turned to piracy to raise his fortune and come back to New England and marry the one woman who’d captured his heart. When he returns he finds her father has married her off to some Duke in the Old Country. Sam dies at sea trying to reach his love. Now he haunts the lighthouse hoping for her return, and her resemblance to Michelle is uncanny.

Do you have a ghost story or experience you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!
Best wishes,
Kelly Abell


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