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Guest Blogger: Jim Baugh

About the new novel “HOOKED” by Jim Baugh

HOOKED” is based on the true-life story of Virginia outdoor television producer Jim Baugh. Jim Baugh Outdoors TV is one of Americas most diverse and entertaining outdoor programs and has been in syndication since 1989.
“HOOKED” is a hilarious look behind the scene stories of filming a southern outdoor TV show. From the Chesapeake Bay to Key West these on location excursions will make your sides hurt with laughter. A cast of sea faring characters full of color and humor. From the docks in Gloucester Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean and a boat load of jolly swashbuckling Pirates. The stories and characters in “HOOKED” are timeless and span a period of over forty years.
In contrast, “HOOKED” also explores the solemn drama of dealing with divorce, death, and mental illness.

The story also delves into the totally crazy insane world of mid-life on-line computer dating. This is a hilarious look at dating in the computer world after 25 years of solid marriage. These “Dating” stories are contemporary, racy, scary, cheerful, timeless, and based on true events. Anyone who is old enough to date will soon relate to “HOOKED” as the comical reference for dating in the new millennium.
This adult romantic comedy story also relates to the power and testament of faith.
50 Years of an exciting action packed extremely charismatic colorful life and career, packed into 28 chapters . It is a fast ride for sure.

Jim Baugh Bio

Jim Baugh has been producing national and regional television shows for close to 30 years. Programs include: Award winning Jim Baugh Outdoors TV (220 episodes), Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times. Jim also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Music from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jim writes, performs, and engineers all the soundtracks for his television programs.
Jim Baugh Outdoors has broadcast on The Family Channel, The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel, Fox Sports, America One, and many broadcast affiliates throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South East.
Writer \ Author
Jim Baugh has written over 300 columns for numerous magazines during the last 23 years including:
Motor boating Magazine, Fishing Smart, The Chesapeake Angler, The Sportsman Magazine, Woods and Waters, Colonial Outdoors, Virginia Beach Sports Fishing and Travel Virginia Magazine.
Jim also writes and manages three on-line blogs including “Jim’s Galley” and the “JBO TV” main website.
Jim Baugh’s first published book, “HOOKED” was released by Solstice Publishing world wide late June of 2011. The book instantly won critical acclaim and earned a five star rating and was featured book of the month by the publisher during the first month’s release.
Jim’s second book, “COOKED” stories behind the recipes will be released during the fall of 2013.

Hi Jim, and welcome to our blog site. How was the trip over?

Well, considering I did not have to deal with rental cars, a taxi, air planes and hotel accommodations, I would say pretty good. Just put in the old web site address and away we go. World wide travel in seconds. It is a very, “Go Green” way to travel and do an interview for sure.
Tell me a little about why you wrote “Hooked” and what initially was the inspiration for such a funny book.

It probably initially started when I was around five or six years old. I grew up on the docks of Gloucester Virginia and the characters on the boats and docks were just larger than life, always doing practical jokes, fishing, just having a ball.
Growing up I always thought those times were very special and wanted the memory to live forever.

Then, during my forties I was single again after a great marriage of 25 years. When I was thrust upon the on line computer dating world, things changed real fast. The people I would meet and the stories were just WAY to funny.
I was dating the woman in HOOKED, DC Nympho, and we were in the swimming pool laughing how funny on line dating was. We swapped war stories, then I began to get an idea. Produce a game show called, “Meet My Match Game”.
Well, the idea turned into a screenplay, then finally a book. However it took me a few years to figure out how to combine the story.
I wanted to also include in the story line my memories of growing up on the docks in Gloucester, and also the hilarious behind the scenes antics of producing a southern outdoor show.

Sounds like a great idea!! Then you started to write??

I tried, but could not. I started with a screenplay and kept wanting to direct and block shots as opposed to just writing. That slowed me to a halt.

What did you do??

I called a high school friend of mine who had been a successful playwright in NY City and ask for advice. He simply said it did not mater if it was a book or screenplay, just get it down on paper. So, since I had been a columnist for 20 years, I figured I would try the manuscript approach.

Did that work?

Yes, I wrote the book in 12 days.

That is pretty much impossible, no one writes close to 400 pages in 12 days.

Well, I was actually also editing Jim Baugh Outdoors as well at the time. This is hard to explain, but once I figured out how to write the book, it was like turning on a garden hose at full power.

The manuscript just flowed at full speed. Afterwards it did take over four months to edit and polish, that was were the real work was, because for sure I had to do a lot of fictionalizing and compositing of some characters.

I was so truthful in my writing, I would have gotten in BIG trouble with certain people had I not fictionalized the book. That took some careful writing because although fictionalized, I did not want the essence and truth of the story to be changed, and it was not.

What were the hardest and the most enjoyable part of the editing process for you?

The hardest would be continuity- that can be a real bear. Especially when you’re fictionalizing, changing names and places, etc, etc.

The most fun was the humor. Once mostly edited I would read through the manuscript and look for ANY place that I could interject some humor, make the situation more humorous or more realistic and true.

The characters in HOOKED are so larger than life, simply by writing true to their character was funny enough. That was key, getting the character down so that the reader could feel like the person was sitting right in their living room. This, I believe worked very well in the book. You don’t feel removed from the characters at all, you feel like they are sitting next to you. That, is one of the things that makes HOOKED so special.

Do you have some favorite “FUNNY” lines form the book??

Oh yes, here are just a few! I LOVE these!
Chapter, “It Foams at the Mouth”. –The early years.
* From what unearthly demonic poisoned shallow grave did he drag this possessed ugly beast from I will never know. Someone must have sacrificed a goat in a gone wrong satanic ritual somewhere in the neighborhood and then this thing showed up. She made Mommy Dearest look like one of Santa’s Elves grandchildren at Mass.

* I would think at any minute she would pee on the floor, spit pea soup, do a 360 head turn, and speak in foreign languages while levitating off the bed. We are talking a SERIOUS Bitch here.

* “You are not allowed to sit in these chairs, but we are going to have your portraits done and hang them over the chairs.” I thought to myself why not just let us sit in the chairs and skip the portraits.
Chapter, “Tennessee Tim”-Behind the scenes of JBO TV

* I think Tim and I had a little different perspective of what a houseboat was and his renovation meant that he bought a pool toy at WalMart and stuck it inside the floating shack.

* Now shooting a wild pig and boarding it was not enough for this captain, no, he immediately gutted the pig and cleaned it right there on the boat. He said it was easier to do it on his boat, and he was right.

* Next morning, walking back to the front of the trailer on the sofa was the passed out Dominick’s Pizza Delivery guy. I opened the door and outside was his car still running, door open, and now 50 cold pizzas in the back seat.

* I said, “No sir, the only problem I have is that your B & B is 100 degrees and you put chocolates in your guest’s beds.

* “Damit man!!! Don’t listen to me I don’t know shit about flying an airplane, just photography! Fly the dam plane and don’t listen to a word I say!!’

* “We don’t need air conditioning up here in the mountains”. Really? Boy could have fooled me. To me 100 degrees is a 100 degrees whether you’re in the mountains or at the beach. According to my math, it is the same.
Chapter, “Dating in the Mid Life”

* She had so much baggage she should have had a retractable handle coming out of her ass and rubber wheels instead of feet.

* She did not want Nassau. She wanted the Pope and she was not even Catholic.

* Without a doubt, she could be the permanent poster child for the Jerry Spring Show.

* Could you imagine having her as your physician? I’d rather take up Scientology!

* She had turned into DC Nympho! It was like Clark Kent running into a phone booth and turning into superman. In this case blond-e had turned into raging sex goddess with a BIG attitude.

Yeah, I can see you have a pretty good sense of humor there Jim!! Was there any stumbling block in the story?? No mental block at all??

Yes, the ending. In the screenplay outline I had the ending down, however for the book, different story. I was stuck. So, I left it as is, Rose and I would come back from the Keys, then simply go into the final Chapter that was a very short chapter. Sort of my wrap up about faith and how it pulled me out of many difficult times throughout my lifetime.

To be honest, the last chapter, chapter 28, I did not write. The man upstairs wrote it, I just took dictation.

Very true, this happened on night at around 3 am, I woke up from a perfect sleep. Wide awake and it just came to me, this vision of how to perfectly end the book, and I was only a third of the way through writing it at that time.

The vision was of this football game when I was in high school, and we had won a game by only inches. I sat down and starting writing this final chapter, not making any sense at all to me, again, I felt like I was taking dictation, not writing.
Once done, I read it and thought, gee, I don’t know how this is going to work at all, but will leave as is. Then I wrote the rest of the book.

Sure enough, chapter 27 flowed into chapter 28 like it was destined to be. Like I said, I owe the credit to someone else, not me. It is a very inspiration ending and has effected just about everyone that has read it. Wish I could take credit.

That is quite an incredible story, sound like you have a very important co writer?

Yes, you could say that. I only wrote that Rose and I got married during the last week of editing. I did get stuck on that one to. But with some guidance from you know who, the “Big Guy”, I was clearly directed to end it getting re married on the beach in Key Largo. This is the only thing in HOOKED that actually has not happened, but hope to one day.

Getting re married in the book was a big deal, here is why. It enabled me to wrap up all the messages in the book, all the themes came together, and it was about the most positive reflection on a relationship one could have.

In HOOKED, there was quite a bit of trouble with woman. To or three mental cases, bizarre dating stories, etc,etc. So ending HOOKED on such a positive note helped smooth out the message. I could not of figured a better way to wrap things up. Very inspirational and funny read.

Now that HOOKED is published and out there, what do think about the publishing business so far?

Interesting. I can’t say enough good things about our publisher Solstice Publishing. Great people and they work closely with their authors. I like that a lot. Not something you’re likely to get in NY.

However I recently do have a gripe on the business end regarding our wonderful world wide distribution system.

Lord tell, what is that? (laughs)

The market is being drowned in 99 cent eBooks that is flooding the market in mostly a negative way. It is not good for published authors or publishers, and in the long run, not good for the reader either.

Explain, Please!

Here is what happens. Self published authors will put up anything on the web and sell it for 99 cents. Add to that, there are some published books that ARE good and worthwhile that are also doing the 99 cent thing. This fills up readers eBooks with an occasional good cheap book, but fills the rest with crap. Then the reader says, “Hell, I got 3000 books, mostly for free on my kindle, why would I buy and other books? I have more to read in a lifetime!”

The thing is, out of the 3000 books, there may be 10 worth even looking at.
I would like to see some sort of catorigaztion so that people would know what they are buying.

But, then again, the market may just take care of itself. Once the word gets out, you get what you pay for, then maybe that will stop the on-slaught of 99 cent books.
The other thing that I am not sure authors realize is that if you get catorigized as a 99 cent author, I think you can forget ever being published by a reputable publisher. Some may squeak by, but only a few.

What do you think is a fair price for eBooks?

Depends on the eBook. I think if you want them to sell, they need to be on the low end at least a couple of bucks, on the high end up to seven bucks. I just priced HOOKED at $4.99 and that is where it will stay for quite a while. Five bucks and under is where most of the sales are going to happen. The industry is not changing by the month, but by the day.

What are some other books that you have been reading lately?

I just finished Bill Bruford’s autobiography and loved it. Rutie’s just finished the Help and loved it. Next I am reading Joe Jacksons How I left the state of TN and am a better man for it.

Sounds good Jim! How do people get in contact with you and are you going to give us a recipe like you promised??

First up is the HOOKED web site \ blog. Everything is there, contact info, order info, our newspaper reviews, which thankfully have been excellent. Hooked is available just about everywhere on line. Amazon, etc.
My direct e mail is
Also I am on GoodReads now, great site

NOW! Here is that recipe I promised. This is one from our Galley Blog, you will love it.
Thanks Jim for stopping by, it has been a fun chat, now, what’s for dinner!!!
“Ok Lizzy and all you Tex Wis fans, here it is, the most famous Chili and Salsa recipe ever! And may the Border live on in your homes for years to come!!


Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Chopped Onion
Canned Whole Tomatoes
Canned Crushed Tomatoes
Celery Salt
Cinnamon Sticks
Ground Chuck
Pinto Beans
Chili Powder
Fresh Bay Leaves.

Cook for several hours, the key to the heat was the Jalapeno and Cayenne pepper, the Widowmaker would contain a LOT of minced Jalapenos, and that is why the hottest Chili was more expensive.

I have my own Bay Leaf bush here at JBO Central and it really helps to have those fresh Bay Leaves.

Best Chili in the world, none better. Have fixed this countless time for company, and they can never believe that it taste as good as it does. Back in the day, I think this recipe won every Chili award there was.


This one was tough, and I NEVER would of figured it out, the three secret ingredients for the unique flavor and heat were, Red Wine Vinegar, Soy Oil, and Crushed Red Peppers.

Crushed Red Peppers- over a cup
One bunch of finely chopped (Food Processor) Parsley
1\2 cup of oregano
Three tablespoons of soy oil
Crushed garlic
Three larges cans crushed tomatoes
One large finely chopped onion
1\3 cup red wine vinegar.
Salt to taste
NOTE: There is a lot of dried seasonings, the oregano and crushed red peppers. After mixing and letting the salsa stand, add more water to thin out. You may have to do this several times to get the right consistency.

This salsa should be served at room temp.

The history of where this recipe came from????? I did ask, and believe it or not, the recipe came from a Taco stand in California. True story, that was the origin.

I live for this salsa, and everyone I have turned on to it, gives me Christmas cards with money in it every year. LOL, I wish.

I had a long history at the Border, and started going there back when I was in radio, before the GM job Blab TV, and even before JBO TV. It may be the only restaurant I can say that even after 11 years, I still miss that place. Always will. Those that frequented the Border, much feel the same I am sure.

For those that did not get to try the experience of the Border, try these two recipes, it WILL change your life, at least as far as Chili and Salsa goes!

Jim Baugh


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