Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catherine Anne Collins

5 Things you don't know about Catherine Anne Collins
1. I own 12 pet goats, 2 livestock guardian dogs and 1 house dog
2. I've earned a 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate
3. I train with a Samurai Sword
4. I have a steel rod in my back
5. My weaknesses are extra old cheddar cheese and Coca-Cola

Get Solitary Cove Today!!!

The peaceful town of Solitary Cove will never be the same again. It’s about to be overrun with a movie crew and an assorted group of people all running to or from something in their lives.

Fleeing her husband’s killer, Nicole Warner rents a lighthouse on the cliffs of Solitary Cove and spends her time writing and living in fear for the safety of those she comes to care about. Determined not to fall in love again, her emotions betray her when she meets Ian McConahay.

Living a life filled with fame, fortune, and women, Ian should be happy, but he’s not. He can no longer perform sexually. Searching for elusive fulfillment, he agrees to act in a movie filming in the small Canadian town of Solitary Cove. When he meets Nicole, his life is further complicated by her rejection, his abused daughter’s appearance, and the necessity of protecting both the women he loves from Nicole’s dangerous stalker.

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels peopled with characters you'll cheer for, SOLITARY COVE is the book for you. A seaside village in Nova Scotia, a movie hero with a daughter he barely knows, and a woman on the run from danger equal the perfect formula for a terrific read. Catherine Anne Collins has a winner on her hands!

USA Today Bestselling author Barbara Bretton

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