Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 Things You Don't Know About Danielle D. Smith


1.) I still sleep with the first stuffed toy I ever owned, Blue Bunny, who was in the incubator with me when I was a 3lb preemie. If anyone moves him, I WILL KILL!
2.) I love veggies more than fruit--spinach is waaay better than strawberries!
3.) My husband was my first date, first kiss, first...everything.
4.) I spent the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy calling my son, Ryker, "she".
5.) I am a psycho fan of all the Mad Max films. And I hate chick flicks.


A meltingly sexy hunter with rock star style. An insatiable seducer and lover of women.

Son of a human lady of the night and a True Native of Hell, he is a killer of the evils that dwell in darkness.

Fifty miles of bad road will lead him and his rumbling Harley to an abandoned town and the vampyre hunt of his dreams.

It is in the rot and the ruin that Skriker will discover his destiny.


A fierce and beautiful huntress haunted by a tragic past. The most amazing woman that Skriker has ever met.

A sizzling tryst will lead him to discover that Rose is his soul mate, the girl who will make him abandon his lustful ways and make him hunger for her alone.

But Skriker's new beloved harbors an ironic secret.

A secret that may lead to a half-demon's gruesome undoing...

Skriker, half-demon bad boy, and his Nephil love, Rose, are inseperable. They've been through thick and thin, thin and thinner...and the hunt is calling them once again.

Rumor of a skinwalker draws the notorious pair to Shiprock, New Mexico, a place sacred to the Navajo and a site of enormous supernatural power. The classic Route 66 awaits them and their Harleys, as do open stretches of desert where they can camp under the stars and rut like horny teenagers…the chance of slaying the skinwalker is simply the icing on Skriker’s gore-soaked cake.

But when they finally cross paths with the enemy, the ancient desert monster develops an insatiable desire to capture Rose and posess her...leaving Skriker fighting with all he's got to keep the love of his life from being snatched from his arms forever.

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  1. Wow you still sleep with your first stuffed animal? I still have mine, but I gave it to my daughter. I love veggies more than fruit too.
    Nice to meet you! :)