Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 or more things you don't know about Becky Wilde

5 or more things you don't know about Becky Wilde:

Five things you didn't know about me?

1. I am a very shy introverted person.
2. One glass of wine is enough to get me inebriated.
3. I hate living in suburbia.
4. I have been married for twenty one years, but have been with my wonderful man for twenty five years.
5. I used to be a clean freak in the house, but now I would rather write than clean.
6. I probably love my kids too much, lol.
7. I have to research some aspects of my writing, but not in the physical sense, lol. Oh, this comment could be taken a few ways. Oh well, I'm not elaborating.
8. I write the english language better than I speak it, only because my brain works faster than my mouth. I do also suffer from foot in mouth disease. I speak before I think, lol.

Jade Ash made a promise to her dying mother, to visit her mom's childhood home in Eagle River, Ontario, Canada. Jade meets the owner of the estate, Sloan Taggert and is surprised when he asks he to stay in his home as a guest.

Jade can't pass up the opportunity to be around so many hunky men, so accepts the offer. Little does she know she has walked into a den of werewolves.

Sloan claims Jade as her mate and convinces her to go through the bonding ceremony with him, then himself and his two brothers, so they can anchor her to life, in case of his demise, in front of the whole pack.

They seem to be getting along with each other fine, until Sloan's enemy, Devlin Spawn, Alpha of the Hell Hound Pack, kidnaps Jade.

Will he get to her in time to rescue her? Or will it be too late for Jade to survive?

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