Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Leland McCaslin

SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR is an exciting first-hand NF historiography of little known fascinating true intelligence/ counterintelligence battles between the Allies and the Soviets during the Cold War.
I'm a disabled Army vet and was in the Cold War in Germany for 16 years. I wasn't sure which History professor to send this email to; perhaps you would help me.
My NF book (available in hardback or kindle) would be an excellent read/ resource for faculty or students interested in the Cold War, US International Relations, US Military History or real espionage.
I am happy to report that Yale and Harvard Libraries, several University ROTC Detachments and the USAF Academy History Department are among those that have ordered the book (see below).


contains many historic images from behind enemy lines - example attached (Pasquier document). "It is full of first-person narratives of real events that seem to be taken from the pages of a pop-fiction spy thriller," said Mark Patton in a book review by the Stars & Stripes newspaper (full Stars & Stripes coverage attached).
All ranks, from Corporal to Generals in the US, British, and French militaries tell their captivating true stories. Read about the 'James Bond' type cars with their light tricks and their ability to leave their Stasi shadows 'wheel spinning' in the snow.
(Book cleared, security-wise by the US Army in Pre-pub security reviews.)

Formerly an expert in counterintelligence in US Army Europe, the author weaves together exciting true accounts of allies collecting enemy information in the East and fighting spies and terrorist in the West. I was the Command Security Manager in Heidelberg for US Army Europe during the Cold War and was there for 16 years. I hope you will consider adding the book to your collection.
From Librarians,

- Our Americana selector confirms that we will, with pleasure, be acquiring your book. Thanks again for calling our attention to this book! All best wishes, xxxx Harvard University.

- Dear Sir, I will be happy to order this for the Yale University Library. xxxx, Yale University Library, New Haven, CT .
From University History Departments,
- Thank you for sending me the information on your book. It sounds fascinating, and I have ordered a copy through Barnes and Noble.com. I’ll also share the book with my co-worker, Lt Col XXXX (who is working with me on a Cold War class we are designing for the Spring 2012 semester), because I know she would enjoy reading it too. Respectfully, XXXX, Lt Col, USAF Assistant Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy Department of History.
- Your book does look interesting. I could see a place for it in our library. I'll make sure we buy a copy for the university library., xxxx Professor and Chair Department of History.

From University ROTC,

- Mr. McCaslin, Thanks for the email and congratulations on your book….I will send out to our cadre to use and to our cadets for their Professional Development reading…. V/R xxxx, LTC, MP, Professor of Military Science.
- Lee, Just ordered a copy off Amazon. Where are you located? Lt Col XXXX, Commander, AFROTC Det XXXX.

From the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., Currently on sale and... selling very well, per the Spy Store!

Four star General Frederick J. Kroesen, former Commander-in-Chief of US Army Europe, wrote my foreword and said among other things: Given the criticism, bad news and alleged malfeasances associated with our intelligence services during the past decade, it is most refreshing to find a book relating a far different story. This volume reflects what we can do when the mission is clear and the resources are committed.

Francis Gary Powers, Jr.,
His dad was shot down in the U2 spy plane. He is the founder of The Cold War Museum, and said: Well written and informative, the book is a magnificent assessment of the Cold War history. McCaslin put the importance of Intelligence and Counterintelligence during the Cold War into clear perspective.

Scholarly Review - Dr. Rhonda Parker, Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at Samford University stated: …you do a good job of narrating history and my evaluation of these chapters is quite positive - you take me back to a place and time about which too little is known, which makes the information both valuable and intriguing. It's just very strong. It's ready. Congratulations!

You can look at the book by placing the title in the search window of any of the major on-line book sellers, such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or Borders. Or go to this economical link:

Thanks and V/r, Lee
B.S., Mississippi State University
M.Ed., Boston University

Leland McCaslin
(Helion & Company Ltd-UK) (Casemate - US)ISBN13: 9781906033910 ISBN10: 1906033919Join the fb group page… SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR
Book also picked up by Target, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Borders, Helion, Amazon.US/UK/CA/FR/De, Casemate, and Australia's Emporium, New Zealand’s Mighty Ape, Denmark’s SAXO, Sweden’s Bokia, Norway's Kundesenter, Germany’s WOM, Italy’s DEA Stor, Many England sites.

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