Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Things You Don't Know about Don Ford

1. I'm a nice guy, but I write horror too. LOL
2. I'm not into Steven King, like I said, I write horror too. :-}
3. My daughter always catches the big one each year, but that's because my giant fish always gets away. This year I brought along a camera for proof.
5. I'm a top speller; I never said I could count! Cheers
4. Oops, most of my life I have been turned around, headed in the wrong direction, and just recently found the right path.

Now you know I'm a storyteller. Here are 5 good examples plus my Solstice story tale:
"Royal Ferdinand"

Friends come in all sizes, colors, and species. Children and those young at heart will enjoy this display of simple fun as we look into the lives of two very different characters, who we find in the end are not so different. This tale is really for the kid in all of us. A fun loving, carefree, and learning experience for children today. Parents and Grandparents alike will enjoy reading it to their young ones.

About the author:

He writes with a down-home flavor. Nature and conservation are popular topics with him. He writes in many genres. Known for his poetry and storytelling, short stories are his favorite form of writing. To date he has sold numerous short stories to magazines across the U.S. and has attained International status now with work in Portugal and Cyprus.

available at:

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