Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Billy Franks

Welcome my Guest today: Billy Franks

Billy Franks was the lead singer and songwriter for "The Faith Brothers", whose two albums and six singles all made the UK chart. Billy has since released six solo albums to critical acclaim. Last summer he released a charity single in partnership with his friend, Prince Harry, to raise money for the Prince’s African charity Sentebale.

In addition to his musical passions, Billy was recently the focus of a feature length documentary film, called Tribute This!

The film chronicles the adventures of 4 friends as they travel the world to ask some of its biggest stars, Springsteen, McCartney, etc., to appear on a tribute album to an unknown but worthy recipient of such an honour: Billy Franks.

Billy Franks lifetime dedication to his craft says it all. “Billy has devoted his entire life to song writing. He has given so much to others through his music. Dedicating ourselves to a project that would honor him was a no brainer on our part,” said Mick McCleery. (Director of Tribute This!)

This spring will see the publication of his book "A Far Cry from Sunset", chronicling the adventures of making the movie as well as stories from a musical career that involved touring with the likes of U2 and REM. In conjunction with the release of the book, Billy will release a live album entitled "From the Court to the Empire", recorded at London’s famous Shepherds Bush Empire theatre.

Get a free Billy Franks Compilation album"Imagine the craftsmanship of McCartney & the power of Springsteen" TRIBUNE. www.billyfranks.com

All you have to do is email euphoria@billyfranks.com and you will get it.

"Penning classics and garnering praise from Bono, Peter Gabriel and Oasis" THE GUARDIAN

"Song writing from the top drawer" TIME OUT

"Imagine the craftsmanship of McCartney combined with the power of a young Springsteen. TRIBUNE

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  1. Thank you Lizzy for the introduction to Billy Franks. I'll have to give his album a listen!

  2. Wow, a positive response already. And so early in the morning!
    Thanks Dianne,

  3. keep it up Billy Franks, I hope you get to meet Lizzy Stevens or if you already did, spend time with her hehe XD Great blog so detailed unlike mine. thumbs up lizzy

  4. Thanks for introduction for billy Franks


  5. I have had the pleasure to see Billy Franks live, he is excellent!! I had a wicked night with my friends, I can not wait to go to the next gig.I know Billy has been doing this for a long time and he deserves to be noticed after dedicating his life to writing what I believe to be some brilliant songs!!