Monday, September 6, 2010

Great 5 Star Review from a customer.

I'm so excited about my review that I had to share it with you all. :)

5 Stars Great Book!, July 20, 2010
By J. Thomas "The Long and the Short Of It Reviews" (USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book One Jenna's Story (Paperback)
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Jenna knew something was wrong. She was only six years old but she could read the signs and knew something terrible was about to happen.

Jenna and her sisters grow up in their grandma's house in Snow Hollow. She gradually learns to use her powers and learns her grandma's family have been the protectors of the town for many centuries. Darkness and evil lurk out of sight and when her grandma dies, Jenna must become the protector. But is she ready?

Jacob turns up after her Grandma's death and Jenna is instantly attracted to him. The evil comes closer and Jenna is forced to accept Jacob's help, but does she really trust him? He supports her as she tries to learn the full extent of her powers and to stop the darkness taking over her home and life.

The book starts in a mild manner, but soon picks up pace. Grandma and Jenna are very similar in personality, and although reserved, Jenna has the usual interests of a teenage girl. She acknowledges her powers but at times wishes she was normal. Jacob and Jenna seem to be made for each other, but Jenna is uncertain about Jacob's real nature, her own future and whether she wants the future mapped out for her.

Jenna's Story is definitely worth reading and I note it is the first of a series. I'd love to read the next installment as it looks like it's going to be one of those series where you eagerly await the next one, wondering what the author has in store for you.

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