Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What happened to my son tonight

To say that I am pissed tonight doesn't come anywhere near what I'm feeling right now. I am so far and beyond pissed that I can't even describe it.

So my son had his 1978 camaro parked at an apartment building today. He left his car there and got into the truck with his friend ,who lives there, and they were gone most of the day. 

When he got back his car was gone. He was freaked out. He called me instantly. He thought his car had been stolen. But no that wasn't the case at all. You won't believe what happened.

First let me tell you how we licensed his car. His car has year of manufacture plates on them. So it says at the top of the plates the date of 78 on the left hand side.  Then in the middle is the state of Missouri and then on the right hand side it has the month of march.  Then on the plates has the license number like all other plates. So basically it is historic plates for the car.

Ok here is where it all goes crazy. So the apartment complex didn't recognize the car so they called the cops. Even though my son was with somebody who lives at the apartment building. So the cops get there and a young one I guess didn't understand what Year Of Manufacturer ( Historic Plates) are. So they said that the tags were expired and agreed to have my car towed to the tow trucks yard. Where my car is still sitting because they are closed. We call the tow yard and they said that it was towed because it had expired plates on it. 

This is bull shit.  This car is completely legal. So I call the police department. And they deny the fact that one of their officers misunderstood the plates. They said they towed it because the apartment complex is private property and they had to do what they said. So they towed my son's car. 

The tow yard said that I can not have my car back unless I pay them $125 to get my car that was basically stolen today.

There is no excuse for what has happened to us today. None at all. That apartment building had no right to have the car towed. It was in a parking spot the way it was supposed to be. And the police department had no right to tow that car. If they didn't know what year of manufacturer plates were they should have called somebody else. I mean really who on this planet would actually drive expired tags from 1978. I mean come on. I've seen people not get their plates renewed and be a month off. But seriously you see a 1978 plate and you seriously think somebody just thought it would be a good idea to drive it if it wasn't legal.

So now they want me to pay $125 to get my own car back out of a tow yard lot. This is fucking ridiculous. 

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