Monday, July 9, 2018

Guest Blogger: James Moushon

BREAKING NEWS: Another Jonathon Stone Short JUST RELEASED.
Operation Deadline

NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon for $0.99:

Shout Out to Readers would be GOOD. A PURCHASE would be GREAT. A PURCHASE and a REVIEW would be DOUBLE GREAT.

The price is right. Enjoy the Mystery and Action of a Jonathon Stone Mystery by James Moushon. READ MORE -

A reminder. A marketing opportunity for you.
If you have a new release coming soon or you have scheduled a promo this summer, please get on my schedule to do a showcase post to help promote your book. Just send an email to:

Also, if you’re going to release a set of your books, let me know and I will set something up. As you might have heard, we recently passed ONE MILLION views on our blogs.

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