Monday, May 14, 2018

5 Fun Facts about author Lois Crockett

My guest blogger today is author Lois Crockett and we are having fun letting you all know 5 fun facts about her.

1. She's a Certfied Professional Bartender

2. First female club Disc Jockey in the state of Florida (1973 Big Daddy's/Flanigan's Fort Lauderdale)

3. Earned a 3rd, 2nd and 1st Class FCC license with radar endorsement. A 2nd class license certifies you can fix jets. Pratt & Whitney offered her a job

4. Favorite food is pizza and A Coke 

5. Best way to write is next to a great big barrel of toxic orange cheez balls

Hope you find these fun facts fun!! 🎈

Tough Luck Lane
Stacey Jennifer Longacre is a bartender who leaves her hard-bit existence in Okeechobee, Florida. She’s likeable, but with a touch of sand.

Landing in a quirky Key West-style compound in south Florida, she and her new-found crew head off a ring of dangerous bed guys who keep her off-balance while perpetrating their deadly game.

Stacey is no stranger to danger yet she always strives to do the next right thing in spite of her "tough luck" attitude. An “ordinary” woman thrown into extraordinary circumstances, she’s someone with whom you will relate to and cheer on.

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