Friday, March 16, 2018

Laugh of The Day

Here is a laugh of the day for you. Brought to you by my Sister & Brother :) 

The other day my sister calls me up. She says that our brother has a birthday coming up and she found the funniest shirt at the store. I said Oh yeah. She says yeah. 

It has on it " I don't give a" and then there is a picture of a a mouse and a donkey.  

So I laugh I say oh funny. I don't give a rats ass. I get it. Funny. He will like that.

Ok so let me just say that my sister isn't old. My sister is 43. Just to put this in your mind LOL. So you don't think we are old. I'm 41 she is 43. So she says I'm coming in for a visit. Will be there in a couple of days. I say ok. So that's the end of that.

Bringing us to last night....

My sister is on one couch. I'm on another. And there is a knock at my door. It is my brother. He comes in. And my sister says. What are you wearing? I look over and he is wearing the exact same shirt that she just bought him. LMAO

I start laughing as she explains that she had just bought him one for his birthday. And it gets funnier.

He says well I can put it with the other one at my house. LMAO

apparently he had the one he was wearing, one at his house, and she had bought him another one. All of the exact same shirt. 

Because every time she goes to the store she sees this shirt, thinks it's funny and think hey you know what my brother would think this is really funny. So for the past 3 years she has bought him the exact same shirt for his birthday. And he just takes it and says thank you and never says a word until this time when she made a point of saying something. So then he went ahead and told her. LMAO 

Don't we all do crazy stuff like this. 

Too funny. We all laughed so hard.

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