Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Writing Tips For New Authors #1

Writing tips for new for new authors

Don't tell the readers everything in your story. For example if your character says they would like a glass of ice tea. Have them go to the kitchen and get a glass of ice tea. We all know what ice tea is. It is a glass of tea with ice in it. That means you got the tea you got a glass and you poured it.

What we do NOT need to read is this.

Jane walked to the kitchen. She walked over to the cabinet and got out a glass then went to the refrigerator to get the tea. Then Jane got some ice out and put it in her glass. She poured her some tea and put the tea back in the refrigerator and then took a drink of her tea.


We all know what ice tea is and how it gets into the glass LOL

All you need to say is Jane walked into the kitchen and got a glass of ice tea. Plain and simple. You do not need to try and fill your story with 200 filler words to try and hit some kind of daily word count goal that you have set for yourself.  We do not need to read for 5 minutes about Jane making a glass of tea. We have now fallen asleep LOL because I'm pretty sure we all learned how to make a glass of tea by watching one of our parents do it a very young age. 

Don't bore your readers by making them want to skip pages in your book. 

More writing tips to come later.

Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite
5 Stars ~
A Lost Memory by Lizzy Stevens and Steve Miller is an intriguing fantasy in short story form. Alley has been in some kind of accident and awakens to a place she doesn't remember, to people she doesn't know. She doesn't recall what happened to her, nor does she recognize her home or her parents. Alley has vivid dreams of a pure white horse with wings and a very good-looking man who calls out to her, begging her to return to him. The two fantastic beings continue to haunt her dreams as she struggles with the unknown reality she finds herself in. Which is real - the man of her dreams or her perfect home and loving parents?

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