Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Reviewer Didn't Really Like "The Road Less Travelled"

You win some you lose some LOL The reviewer had some nice things to say and some not so nice things. :)


 Review by Lisa McCombs

Reviewed By:
Lisa McCombs
Review Rating:
3 Stars

Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite
“Mia Hobbs was like every other starving author 

in the world. She went to work every day to her 

normal non-exciting waitressing job.” Thus begins 

The Road Less Travelled: Book One of Mia

 &; Mason’s Story by Lizzy Stevens &

 Steve Miller. Although Mia’s public life appears 

mundanely normal, she etches out as much time 

as possible to fulfill her writing  passion. 

When she receives the call from Hollywood, the

 magnitude of its implications are overwhelming;

 leaving Mia humbled and grateful, yet reusing to 

abandon her small town life.

The Road Less Travelled: Book One of Mia &

 Mason’s Story is an ambitious 

start to what can only evolve into a page turning saga 

coveted by readers anxious to add entertainment 

to sunny days of vacation. 
Although the story is highly enjoyable, 

this manuscript could benefit from a 

serious editing session. 

This is more of an outline than a finished, 

polished novella. 

The characters are only partially developed and

 errors in sentence structure and word usage 

interrupt the flow of an otherwise fun read.

 Oversights in proof reading text are so easy to do 

when an author is too familiar with his or her own story. 
An impartial third party reading could 

greatly improve a story that is already extremely marketable. 

The Road Less Travelled hints at more story to 

follow and the further success of Lizzy and 

Steve Miller’s narrative can only improve with

 a more careful eye to detail and writing etiquette. 
As accomplished writers, as documented in the 

author bio at the end of the story, 

I feel that both Lizzy and Steve understand 

this reviewer’s concerns.

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