Saturday, May 13, 2017

My disappointment with Wal-Mart & how I was treated.

Today my blog is going in a different direction.  I don't normally sit down and write a blog. It's usually guest bloggers, but today I thought I would share my story of what happened to me and my son today at Wal-Mart. First let me say that I have always loved Wal-Mart. I shop pretty much exclusively there. I don't really bounce from store to store. Wal-Mart is about 5 minutes from my house and I can get everything I need all in one place. It's easy. But after today I will have to make changes.

Like I said it's 5 minutes from my house meaning  I'm there several times a week and do all of my shopping there. So today took me by surprise when I have the handful of things that we went after which wasn't a huge amount. My total came to around $169 I had a couple of movies an xbox One game, milk, cereal, a case of water,  snacks. you know all the basics 😃  and then I had a case of beer for my husband.

So I put all my stuff up on the belt and I leave the water and beer under the cart because  all the big stuff that doesn't need in a bag they always just walk around with the handheld and scan it, which she did this time as usual.

Then she comes back around and says I will need to see both of your IDs. This threw me. I was completely confused. So I nicely ask because I am completely confused I said you need to see my son's ID? She said This is your son? I said yes. This is my son. She said he doesn't look old enough. I said he is only 16. She said he looks older than that. I just kind of laugh. Still completely confused at what is going on here. And a little embarrassed because people are starting to look now because they are completely confused. The cashier says that she needs to see some kind of proof to show that he is my son now. I said you need to see proof that my 16 yr old son is my child and he is 16 because he looks older than 16 and I look younger than the 40 that I am. So my son is now digging out his wallet to prove that he is in fact 1. my son  and 2. only 16 I guess.  all so that I can buy beer for my husband. I am trying to keep everything lite and funny because I am at this point embarrassed and confused. So I just do this an show our ID. So she will finish our order so I can get out of the store. But  the fact that I was put through that and the fact that my son had to show his ID to anyone was wrong.

I understand that they are trying to keep underage drinking from happening. But a line was crossed. Nobody underage touched the alcohol. I was the buying the alcohol and I was the one that should have shown the ID if she didn't think that I was 21 which I do find that hard to believe because I will be 41 this year. So I do find that hard to believe that that would be a compliment that she thinks that I look 20 years younger than I am. Really? LOL

I have shopped at Wal-Mart for years and after today, After the treatments of me and my son I honestly don't know how I feel about going back in there. I think that I am going to have to make changes in where I do my shopping now.

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