Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Guest Blogger: Leah Hamrick

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Please Tell Us About Your Latest Book:
Lyla Hall is like any seventeen-year-old girl. She’s spunky and sweet—and hates being told what to do, even if her disobeying will mean certain death.

When Lyla gets abused by her stepdad for the last time, she’s had enough. She makes a run for the real world—leaving the Summer Solstice, the only place she’s ever known, behind.
Lyla is a Fire Bringer, a person who wields strong fire magic. After discovering a book about her kind in her new schools library, she views the world and everything she’s ever known about herself at a different angle. Lyla learns that she is the owner of a powerful necklace that will cause the end of the world if fallen into the wrong hands. She also learns that she doesn’t have a soul, and that just isn’t cool. She’s determined to get her soul back if it’s the last thing she ever does—even if that means going to Hell to get it.

Then there’s Ethan Killman, the sexy boy from her school that has secrets of his own. They’re instantly falling for each other, and the more time they spend together, the harder those feelings go. Ethan will do anything for Lyla, even laying down his own life to protect her from the enemies that won’t seem to leave them alone.

When the demons find out Lyla is alive, they will stop at nothing to get her necklace and the power it holds, even if they have to go through Ethan to do it.

Lyla and Ethan race against the clock trying to get her soul back before the demons can get her, but what if it’s too late? What if everything they’ve done has been for nothing?

How Much Of Your Personality And Life Experiences Are In Your Writing?
I usually start off a story with things that have happened to me in the past. One’s experiences are their own, so I think it makes a great backdrop for the story. Usually my personality goes into the main character… Sometimes the other characters, it just depends on the mood of the book, and what mood I’m in while typing.

Generally, How Long Does it Take You To Write A Book?
Without any constant interruptions? One-two months, sometimes less. But If I have to keep stopping and starting, I’m looking at maybe three months, but that doesn’t count any of the time I re-read or self-edit. Short Stories I can get done in a few days, it just depends on how long it’s going to be and if the story is fresh in my mind.

Where Do Your Ideas Come From?
My ideas come from my imagination, or things that have happened to me in my life. I grew up in an abusive home with an alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriends, so I can usually write about stuff like that and not even blink as my fingers fly across the keyboard. I like to keep my feelings bottled up and writing lets me get them out.

Please Tell Us About Yourself.
I’m twenty-two years old, live in Michigan, and my husband and daughters names are Jon, Zoey, and Khloey. I love listening to heavy metal music. You know… the horrible screaming type with awesome guitars and double bass drums. I also like playing the clarinet. I read constantly, and am always thinking up ideas for another story.

Do You Have A Favorite Author? And Why?
Yes, Jennifer Armentrout. Read her books, you will understand why.

What Are You Writing Now?
Well, I’m in the middle of writing the second novel to Frost On My Pillow. It’s called Firestorm In My Soul. I’m also trying to figure out how to finish my novel, Twisted fate. I started this story well over a year ago, and it’s half complete, sitting in a file on my computer. I really need to figure out what I’m doing so I can finish it.

What Are The Essentials Of A Great Romance For You?
I like to see a push and pull kind of thing between the characters. I like those novels when the characters are so caught up in loving each other that they forget about what they are doing. I like a lot of kissing, sparks flying, sexual tension, and I like the characters to be totally committed and love each other with their whole hearts. I don’t like romantic tragedies—and probably never will.

What Is The Most rewarding Thing About Being A Writer?
I would have to say having someone else read my story and love it. There is no better feeling in the world than when someone offers you a contract after months and months of hopeless emails from publishers and impolite emails from agents saying my writing isn’t where it needs to be to get published. Seriously, I just had one the other day from an agent (I sent her a query letter months ago) tell me that I’m a young writer, so therefore no one’s going to buy my stories because no one knows who I am… she said it was too long, and that I needed to invest in an editor. Then she sat there and edited my first five pages to show me what was wrong. I was like, excuse me? LOL

Is There Any Words Of Encouragement For Unpublished Authors?
Keep trying. Keep writing. Go on Query Tracker or Agent Query to find a list of publishers and agents (That’s what I did). Polish your query letters to a T and re-read your story and self-edit until you get sick of reading your own work (Trust me, it happens). Publishers and agents like clean and error-free manuscripts when they read them. No one’s writing is perfect; I still find mistakes after I’ve been through mine (I swear to god) probably a hundred times or more. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines on the websites very carefully, because they look for that stuff, and will usually delete it if there instructions are not met.

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