Monday, August 29, 2016

Guest Blogger: Christopher Davis

An Innocent Act by [Adams, TJ]

Good Morning Lizzy and thank you for having me. I’m on about my last cup of coffee for the morning and starting to feel a part of the human race?

Tell Us About Your Latest Book

That’s going to be a hard one as I have several coming out and published under two names. I guess the short story Cinnamon Girl will be the next one out September 16th, followed by a pair of 1930’s crime novellas Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas and all from Solstice Publishing.

Cinnamon Girl is an older story for me that never could gain any traction with the crime publishers that I’ve worked with. It has a surreal / tragic romance thing going on that is neither crime nor horror. This one went right up the middle.

What Can We Expect From You in the Future

Good things…I hope?
I was really starting to sing the blues after a third small crime publisher closed its doors earlier in the year and returned the stories that I had submitted. Like I’ve said, I’ve always had a problem of writing a little romance into even the darkest of my crime stories. It’s just the way I see the world, I guess?

After a very accidental erotic short story, An Innocent Act was signed by Solstice Publishing I was able to get them to read a handful of others which have since been signed and through various stages of editing/publishing. Solstice really put some wind in my sails, when no winds wanted to favor me.
For this, I will always be quite fond of that particular publisher.

This morning, I returned the contract for my first novel length story, Walking to Babylon. This one is a gritty crime / Vegas Mob style thing that starts as Sammy Soriano walks away from a burning car in the desert outside of Las Vegas.

How Do We Find Out About Your Books and of course my publisher

What Prompted You To Submit Your First Story

I was writing well back in the 90’s and my intentions were to wait until retirement to really go for it. If you remember 2012, the news was all about the Mayan calendar ending and of course the end of the world as we knew it?

I submitted a thriller novella to an e publisher on the premise that if the world was going to end…why not?

That bug bit me and I have been sending stories out since.

What Are Your Thoughts On Love Scenes? Do You Find Them Difficult to Write?

If the story requires a love scene, I think that it should be there. Of course, I’m a guy and I don’t really read romance, per se. I fashion myself a writer of westerns and crime, but I’ve always had the problem of running a romantic theme under my stories. Crime publishers hate me for it as they want the story to step on a reader’s throat from page one and keep it there until the end.
Walking to Babylon is one of those. The story is told first person by a sentimental enforcer of sorts. He knows that cancer is going to take his lifelong pal and there’s just nothing that he can do about it. It’s not romantic, but carries the same sort of love for someone that would be, if between a guy and gal?

Do You Ever Buy And Read Your Own Books

Of course I do. Doesn’t every one?

I want to see the story as a potential reader might and they usually come along so far after the writing is finished that I tend to forget some of the story, so it’s a surprise for me also.

How Many Stories Do You Have Published

If you count flash fiction sites and anthologies…I think Walking to Babylon will make something like 37 or 38?

Thank you again, Lizzy for having me. I’ve enjoyed the time this morning.

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