Monday, May 16, 2016

Guest Blogger: John L. DeBoer

For years, Luke Elliot has been a respectable businessman. But he's also had a secret life no one knows, and he's given that up to settle down completely. But when his world is torn apart by tragedy, he flees in despair from all that could evoke painful memories for a fresh start in another part of the country.

And there he meets the beautiful and mysterious Jessica Morrow, who is also trying to escape from a past she can't face. As their relationship grows, and Luke finally discovers her backstory, he realizes their fateful meeting could end up getting both of them killed.

Paths that began in Chicago and San Diego, with stops along the way in Santa Fe and Philadelphia, converge in Seattle, where a deadly cat-and-mouse game ensues, forcing Luke to call upon his lethal skills once more to save himself and the woman he loves.

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