Thursday, April 14, 2016

Guest Blogger: Virginia Babcock

Robert Leland has been through a rough couple of years. First, his wife divorced him after she had an affair with the senior partner in her law firm, then he was tortured nearly to death after the mobsters he was staking out found out about his FBI undercover assignment. His injuries have cost him more than his cover, and it will take years for him to regain his physical abilities. In the meantime, his FBI boss wants him out of the team—there’s no room in the DC mob taskforce for an undercover who can’t walk. 

Reva Findstein needed a change. Her family had deserted her for Israel and were now happily embracing their Jewish history while she languished in the old Maryland neighborhood. Only her DC FBI career had kept her occupied through her long, lonely days lately. Now, after nearly 20 years, she wondered whether she should quit the FBI and find something else. Then, Reva’s boss takes on a special case. They need to transition a new agent for their terrorist team. He’s in bad shape after running afoul of the mobsters he was investigating. 

Can Reva help Robert regain his humanity? Will helping Robert give Reva something to live for after all these years? Sparks fly, but can these two overcome years of baggage and physical and mental anguish in order to grab a second chance at love?

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