Friday, April 22, 2016

Guest Blogger: Donna Alice Patton

“Baking someone happy” isn't a cliché to Carolyn Cummings, widowed mom of two preschoolers. Baking and cooking are her livelihood. As the host of a popular TV show, “Cooking with Kids,” Carolyn's life is a shiny perfect as a copper kettle. Or is it? A new manager has taken over her independent channel and Carolyn's show and life might be on the chopping block. To showcase her talents, Carolyn concocts a tummy tempting favorite – Bavarian Mousse Brownie Cake. There's only one kitchen disaster looming between her and the future... the cake has vanished, reduced to chocolate crumbs by a nosy, new crew member. Her scheme to “Impress the new General Manager” is sunk flatter than a bad souffle'. What will happen? Read “Cooking up a Little Romance,” to find out.

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