Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reader's Favorite gave "Winter Romance" 4 stars!

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Is it love or is it lust? If it’s love, do you know it when you see it? Can you tell when you meet that special someone? Winter Romance by Lizzy Stevens is a great love story between Jennifer and Jeffrey. The connection between them is Mandy. Mandy is Jennifer’s best friend and Jeffrey’s cousin who set them up on a blind date one winter's day. Jennifer and Jeffrey cannot get enough of each other, but one day it was all abruptly cut short. Jennifer never saw Jeffrey again until ten years later she received a call that Mandy was in the hospital and that a child was involved. That child was left to the care of Jennifer. What is Jennifer to do? How can she leave her new life so abruptly and take on the care of a young child? Her loyalty to her friend changes that entirely and she goes back to her hometown to begin caring for the child. As Jennifer is making the adjustments back home, a series of whirlwind adventures begin. 

I enjoyed reading Winter Romance by Lizzy Stevens because it is not only a love story but a life story as well. As a life story, it talks about the challenges, choices, decisions and encounters that we all face on a daily basis. Everything that we do and how we handle it determines its outcome. I enjoyed how Lizzy interwove the elements of life and love through each chapter. Each chapter was written as if it was a movie scene. If you want to experience a story about love, life and tough decisions, and enjoy the ride, getting a copy of Winter Romance by Lizzy Stevens is a great choice.

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