Thursday, September 24, 2015

Guest Blogger: Elle Marlow


What do you get from an Elle Marlow story? It’s any one’s guess what you’ll find when you dive in.  Romance for sure, but what kind?
High on the Mountain isn’t typical, but that’s typically Marlow.  This story is set in Alaska in a small town full of eccentric town folk that one way or another influence our couple and help drive the romance. 
Marlow played with some role reversal here.  Missy Monroe is the state trooper while Pepper Lawson is the town trouble maker.  That alone creates an interesting conflict, but when you also toss in a mystery involving donut digging bears and moose wearing Iron Dog caps, well, that keeps you happily turning the page. 
Is it funny? Yes. The story as reviewers wrote, is “Northern Exposure on steroids and Viagra.” “It’s funny and gets hot enough to melt some snow.”  “Elle Marlow never disappoints.” Is the mantra these days involving Marlow’s stories. 
 High on the Mountain is a fast paced novella. Mature content. Offered by Solstice Publishing.
Here’s the blurb;
“The animals aren’t the only thing getting wild in Timer Valley…”
Missy Monroe and Pepper Lawson have a problem.  She traded his engagement ring for a badge. She might patrol the town, but Pepper’s wealth and charm rules it. So when wildlife begins to disrupt the quirky residents of Timber Valley, Missy thinks there’s more to it than hungry bears in search of baked goods. Their trail of bread crumbs lead her straight to Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm and right into his arms.  She always wanted to cuff the man—but not arrest him.  As their intimacy heats up, so does the odd behavior of the bears, and it’s her job to find out why.
To get close, to find the answers, Missy might have to get High on the Mountain.

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