Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips And Thoughts For New Authors

Tip and thoughts for  new authors:

1. First lesson to learn. Just because you wrote a book doesn’t mean anyone will buy it. So many authors get disappointed because they thought that they finished writing a book and either got a contract on it or self- published it so now the money should be flooding in. That’s not the case. New unknown authors will be lucky if they sell 100 copies of their book and the majority doesn’t even come close to that. High expectations can ruin your dreams fast.

2. You have to be thick skinned. If you can’t take the heat then you need to stay out of the kitchen. Once you get out there and negative people see you they will attack. LOL. A prime example of this is; my books are on Goodreads and I have one person who goes by the username of Nikky and this person has went to every one of my books and given it a low rating. No review because obviously this person has never read my books. I mean if you truly read and hated the first book ok then maybe you would try a second one and not like it as well but you are not going to buy book after book of this author just so you can go in and give the book a negative rating. I have apparently made somebody mad and that’s the way they want to take out their revenge. So you have to deal with those kind of people that just want to get back at you. But then you also have to deal with true negative reviews. Not everyone is going to love your book. Just because you think it’s the best thing written doesn’t mean other people will like it. You have to be thick skinned. You have to take the good reviews with the bad reviews. It’s all part of the job.

3. Learn social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc. Interact with your readers. They don’t want to hear buy my book all the time. Your readers have taken their time and money to buy your book and read it. You can take a little bit of your time to talk to them.

4. Learn to market your book. There are millions of books up for sale. Hundreds of new ones uploaded daily. Why should people buy yours? You as the author have to sell it. Sure it’s easy to try and make yourself feel better by blaming other people for your low or lack of sales. I’ve heard tons of excuses over the years by fellow authors. Some of my favorites are:

* "I was reading through my book and found some typos. No wonder nobody is buying it." Um ok if nobody is buying the book then they have no clue that there are typos in it. LOL.
* "My publisher isn’t doing their job." Um ok back to my earlier statement hundreds of books a day are uploaded for sale. The competition is fierce and the author has to do their part. You don’t get to write a book and then sit back and enjoy the money flooding in. If it worked that way, everyone would be an author. LOL.

Main tips to remember: Be thicked skinned. Don’t let bad reviews get you down. Don’t blame other people for your low sales.

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