Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Guest Blogger: Adele Carter

A single woman goes on the adventure of a lifetime through the city of Marbella, Spain, in the new novel from author Adele Carter, "Single in Marbs" (published by AuthorHouse UK). new novel from author Adele Carter, "Single in Marbs" (published by AuthorHouse UK).
Inspired by the author's personal experiences living the high life in one of Spain's hottest party spots, "Single in Marbs" carries readers through main character Adele's life as a single woman on a hunt for everlasting love.
When Adele arrives in Marbella – affectionately called "Marbs" by tourists – she finds herself bombarded by beautiful people, champagne parties, multi-million-dollar soirees and loads of laughter. As she and her friends navigate the party scene the city offers them, Adele comes across the handsome Luuk Janssen, who injects even more excitement into her already chaotic experience.
With erotic passages describing the lovemaking and sensual nature of her relationship with Luuk, Carter's book offers readers a touch of romance to balance the pandemonium of the city's nightlife.
"My book is totally relevant to what goes on in Marbella today," Carter says. "In England, everyone is talking about 'Marbs,' as it is the place for the rich and famous and people of all ages to come and party and enjoy life. My book gives insight into the crazy party world of Marbella."
Carter hopes her book will gain as much popularity as the show "The Only Way is Essex," and the eagerly awaited, new reality show "Life on Marbs", which is currently being filmed in the party centric town of Marbella.
"Single in Marbs" 
By Adele Carter 
An excerpt from the book:
My heart was pounding. I was about to combust. He leaned into me, kissing me hard again as he gathered the back of my hair with his left hand. He twisted my hair into the nape of my neck, tilting my head back slightly. Oh, how I loved it when he did that. I felt helpless. I was relinquishing all control.
A great insight into one woman’s single life, this book provides all the crazy and exciting stories of partying, having fun and sensual escapades in Marbella. With its vibrant characters and steamy plot, the story also evokes strong emotions as Adele goes through the motions of falling in love, having her heart broken and starting anew.
“Single in Marbs”
By Adele Carter
Hardcover | 6x9in | 206 pages | ISBN 9781504942225
Softcover | 6x9in | 206 pages | ISBN 9781504942232
E-Book | 206 pages | ISBN 9781504942331
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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