Thursday, May 14, 2015

Guest Blogger: Chad A. Cain

Fifteen years. That’s how long Paul Gibson stayed away from his father, Johnny Ray, after he tried to wreck his son’s wedding in an alcoholic stupor. But on this crisp late October night, Paul is coming back to his childhood home. He’s got one final chance to reconcile with a dying father who devoted his life to whiskey and horse betting instead of his family. 

Paul has chosen the night of game six of the 2011 World Series to face the man he has never understood or connected with. Their one chance at reuniting as a family is linked to their only shared memory: a love of St. Louis Cardinals baseball. 

As they watch the Cardinals attempt to save their season against the Texas Rangers, Paul and Johnny Ray will rip open the wounds of the past and struggle to find a way beyond them. The grudges and fears of their past will resurface, but so will the forgotten need to accept and forgive. 

One Night In October is a touching story of a father and son spending one final evening searching for a way to bridge a chasm built on years of anger and bitterness. The outcome for both their beloved Cardinals and their relationship will hang by a thread until the very end.

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