Saturday, February 14, 2015

Now Available: Winter Romance

Jennifer Mahoney meets Jeffrey, the love of her life, the winter of her senior year in high school. Jeffrey, her best friend's cousin, is visiting Mandy's family for the holidays. He is in town for the winter break staying with his aunt and uncle. Jennifer spends every waking moment with him and falls in love fast. She thought it was a lasting love and that they would be together forever. However, timing is way off for Jennifer and Jeffrey. Life is getting in the way. He suddenly leaves and she never hears from him again. 

Ten years passes and Jennifer has to bury her best friend and become the mother to her child all at once. She runs into Jeffrey during this time and finds herself very angry with him. Her head and heart are flooded with emotions she thought she buried years ago. 

How will she handle everything happening in her life? Is there any hope left for her and Jeffrey? 

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