Sunday, October 26, 2014

Guest Blogger: Jim Baugh

LS: Tell us what exactly is the second edition of HOOKED and why is your new sequel “Aftermath” included in the paperback and ebook.

JB: Well, we were coming up on the three year anniversary of the release of HOOKED and I always thought it would be a good idea to include pictures within the novel. Some of the material was so wild and out there that I was afraid that some readers would find it hard to believe. So some pictures were just a good way to authenticate the story and they were really interesting as well. So wanting to re-edit the book and do a final polish with photographs for the three year anniversary of the books release I thought was a reasonable idea at least that is where the idea started.

LS: Jim I know HOOKED was an autobiographical story that spanned most of your life. How long had you been planning to write the new sequel AFTERMATH?

JB: I never planned it or thought about, it was never my intention to write any sort of sequel to HOOKED. Not once was it ever a thought.

LS: I don’t understand. How could you write something but never plan on doing so? That doesn't make any sense. The reviews have been excellent and obviously readers are moved by the book. Certainly there must have been some thought put into it? No planning at all?

JB: None. Not one bit. AFTERMATH was a creation that was not of my planning at all, it was something else entirely.

LS: Jim, you’re going to have to explain this one.

JB: If I told you that the actual seed, the genesis of AFTERMATH, the start of it all was because I was cut off from any sex, would you believe me?

LS: NO! (laughs)

JB: Believe it or not, that pretty much is what occurred. Hard to believe this happened to the same guy that wrote his exploits with the “DC Nympho” in HOOKED. But it is true.

LS: I remember the DC Nmpho, one incredible story! I found that one a bit much but it was hilarious. What happened to you Jim, was it the result of a medical procedure or just old age? (laughs)

JB: I don’t want to give the story away. However in a nut shell the woman I was dating very happily and intimately had gotten a renewed faith in the good Lord and decided she was going to do her best to lead a better Christian life. This to her meant some changes, and one of those changes was no more intimacy before marriage. NONE! Nothing, not a bit of anything!

LS: Your kidding!

JB: No, I am not.

LS: This must have been a surprise and quite a shock.

JB: Well, I was pretty pissed off and had to make some decisions. While I was doing this we were still dating and in my angst one day I said to her, “Damit this is stupid, and I tell you what, if I have to deal with this I am going to write about it and get it published in some magazine, no matter how our relationship turns out!” She said, “Do it! I don’t care!”

LS: So instead you decided to write a book about it?

JB: No, not at all. Never entered my mind. What I did do was contact quite a few faith based publications and query them if they would be interested in an article about celibacy before marriage by someone who sort of was stuck in the middle of the situation. Every publisher DECLINED! This made me happy and I waved it in front of her face, again telling her she is wrong about this entire subject. But, eventually after a few months I did find one publisher who agreed to publish my story.

LS: Still AFTERMATH was not in your plan?

JB: Nope, not one bit.

LS: So, how did it finally happen?

JB: What happened was as time passed, I learned some things. Things began to happen and I saw the light about some issues that I had not seen before. A lot of BIG things were soon to be on the horizon and as life marched by I realized that just a column was not going to be enough. I was approaching the three year anniversary of HOOKED, also planning on getting married as well as working my but off producing Jim Baugh Outdoors TV.

The bottom line was no one would ever understand or believe this story, unless they knew the entire story. This meant me dealing with revealing some very hard and personal things that no one really wants to go public with. So, in order to this I would have to write a longer piece that would include several life changing events like foreclosure, death, marriage, opening and closing of business, financial ruin and gain, and a lot more as well. Dealing with these issues may seem a tragic read, however AFTERMATH is about one of the most hilarious books you will ever read. Tragedy is often a big ingredient in humor. Any time there is large contrast in a situation, humor usually is soon to follow.

I mean come on, really. Foreclosure dating? It does not get any funnier than that. A belly laugh of a read, and all true.

LS: Yes, your technique for picking up women while broke certainly was unique and quite the creative brainstorm. Totally hilarious!

JB: One does what one has to do to survive. AFTERMATH like HOOKED is truly a faith based book.  There are some big questions that I think people always ask themselves in times of stress like, “Why did this happen to me? Why would the good Lord ever put me through this? There must not be a God because he let THIS happen to me! I can’t get a break!”

Well, AFTERMATH does justice in answering those basic questions. The answers do not come by way of fiction or philosophy but by true life events that actually happened. It’s real.

LS: That’s rather powerful Jim.

JB: Look, weather 10 or 10 million people read it, at least I put it out there and as a person and a writer it was not an easy thing to do. It took great sacrifice both in real life as well as in writing the story.

LS: I don’t want to give away too much because there is a lot in the book, but the ending really got me!

JB: It is not the end! (laughs). Actually the cool thing about AFTERMATH is it is the ending of HOOKED in the screenplay.

LS: You mean the screenplay is based on both books?

JB: Exactly! And it is going to be a riot! Hopefully to be finished sometime in 2015.

LS: What other writing projects will you be working on?

JB: The screenplay is current and need to finish ASAP, however a lot of my time is also absorbed with producing Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. We just finished our 25th year anniversary specials and now working on producing our 2015 shows. Book wise, after the screenplay is finished I will knock out “COOKED”. That novel is mostly written in my head and also on an outline. After that, I have a “Break Out” character from HOOKED. Yes, pirate P.D. Cooper will have his first adventure novel, P.D. Cooper the Palm Tree Cowboy. I can’t wait to write that one, but probably two or three years away depending on how things go.

LS: Well it sounds exciting and after reading HOOKED, I can only imagine what the Palm Tree Cowboy is going to be like.

JB: One wild ride for sure!

LS: Thanks Jim, and for our readers Aftermath is included in the second edition of HOOKED both in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

JB: that’s correct, two books for one price! Thanks again for having me on.

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