Monday, February 24, 2014

New Cover reveal for "Rachel's Legacy"

2nd Edition

Revised 8-14-13


Amazon Best Seller

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Rachel Connors loved her life, and her job as a manager at a ski resort in Aspen Colorado, but after learning she was ill, she decided to take a long needed vacation to her parent's home. This was when she met Kyle Landers, who in her absence had moved into her parent's lives, and before he'd even met Rachel, Kyle had decided not to like her. Kyle had been alone in the world when Rachel's parents had taken him in; and he couldn't understand why their ungrateful daughter had chosen to distance herself from them. 


Rachel and Kyle grew closer, and she knew she was falling for him. Everything changed when  Rachel was scheduled to meet Kyle, but a call from her doctor summoned her back to Aspen, telling her parents there was a problem at work. When Kyle hears of this, he boards a plane to find her, learning the truth of her condition. Their love blossomed but it was to be short lived when on their flight back to the ranch the plane crashed. Despite an extensive search, Kyle was never found, and Rachel was forced to go on without him.


Four years had passed, and Rachel's relationship with Marcus, her new boyfriend, was moving to a different level, but at the same time, the thought dead Kyle had come out of his coma; his mind lost in the events four years earlier. After Rachel accepted Marcus' proposal, Kyle returns, leaving Rachel with a dilemma. For four years Marcus had been by her side, but now Kyle was back, wanting her just as much as he had the day of the crash. She needed to get away to make her decision, so she left for Aspen, only Kyle followed her to try to convince her that they belonged together. 


Who will Rachel Chose? Is Kyle's love enough to bring her back to him?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Mind Of A 10 Year Old

Tonight my 10 year old son asked me for the phone number of his best friend's mom. I said why do you need that? He said because he's grounded from his phone for a week so I'm going to call him on hers. I said it doesn't really work that way LOL

The mind of a 10 year old. They always think it through and have a back up plan LOL

Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, was killed November 22, 1718. Two months before, he purposely ran his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, aground at what is now called Beaufort Inlet. 

He emptied the ship of all treasures into his other ship, The Tender, and fled to where nobody knows. Two months later, when he reappeared, he was killed in battle, and his body was tossed into the ocean. To this day, nobody knows where the treasure went. 

For years, people have searched high and low for his treasure. It has been said that Blackbeard said nobody but he and the devil knew where it was located. 
Cassie Andrews returns to Branson Missouri to clean out her grandfather’s house, who recently passed away. While emptying the attic she comes across an old diary belonging to a woman who claims to have been married to Edward Teach. Cassie soon realizes that she holds the key to the famous Blackbeard’s Treasure. 

Cassie turns to her friend Levi for help in finding the treasure. "In her zeal to uncover the clues to Blackbeard's Treasure Cassie lands herself in the hospital. 

Attraction explodes off the page as Levi nurses Cassie back to health and together they experience the adventure of a lifetime to uncover their true feelings for one another and Blackbeard's Treasure.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Guest Blogger: KateMarie Collins

Print version of the two anthologies. And a cool cover.

"Challenges Met" springs from topics given out in writing exercises. In this collection, Ms. Collins explores a variety of themes, both light and dark. The idea of gremlin exterminators or that mysterious box that shows up on your porch. First contact with aliens, or a grim reaper on the job. The true meaning of immortality, and how society can take a game and make it anything but child's play.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest blogger: Donna Crocker

This book is a compilation of two stories: 

Spirit Of The Sea 
James was given a second chance at life. Now he has to tell Bailey that when he died he was given that second chance. Will she believe him or think he is a crazy man who needs help? 

How do you tell the woman you have loved for years that your spirit is inside another body? How do you make her understand that you were given another chance at life? 

Will she be able to believe him and love this new body and face? 

Spirit by the Falls 
Destiny spent her entire life as a princess living in a castle with her father. Although she loved her father very much, it was a lonely life. Never having been anywhere but the country of her birth, she longed to go to the United States more than anything. Destiny was drawn to a beautiful, peaceful waterfall on her family's land. She never understood why, but a spirit by the falls was always there to meet her. The spirit was the most beautiful thing Destiny had ever saw. She always spoke to Destiny about true love. One day Destiny met Robert at the castle. He was there to meet with her father. She didn't know why, but she couldn't stop thinking about him. There was something about him. Was the spirit right? Was Robert her true love? Is that why she found herself drawn to him all the time? 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guest Blogger: Jim Baugh

Preface: This short story is an almost exact account of a dream I had one early Sunday morning in January 2014. This dream was a subconscious representation of the desire in my real life of wanting something very badly, but not able to have without a lot of patience and sacrifice. 
This period in my life, around two years saw many life changes. Homes lost and found, financial ruin and gain, loss of dear friends, and gaining new ones. Very hard sacrifices only to be rewarded by gain of biblical proportions, at least to me. So, in our sleep sometimes our mind can create an adjacent world that is only a fragmented reflection of our real one. What this rather bizarre dreamscape really represents to me is to walk by faith and not by sight.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guest Blogger: Valerie Day-Sanchez

Nineteen year old Harlow Whittaker has always sensed that she was different. Being able to travel to different worlds while she slept was something that she didn't share with anyone, not after the weird looks that her family gave her when they learned of her midnight excursions. After meeting her three appointed protectors however, she learns just how unique she actually is. Her birth was foretold, her birthday marking the day that the first Human Soothsayer was born. Her powers would supersede any other future seer and she would possess the abilities to save the worlds. As the first human soothsayer she must abandon her world. Unable to say goodbye to her family or even tell them where she is going, Harlow begins her voyage to Carnelian Comba where she will be united with fellow soothsayers and learn her true identity. Beyond those facts however, Harlow has no idea what is in store for her or how she is supposed to save the worlds. As the attacks on her life grow in frequency it becomes apparent that something especially evil is at work. An antagonist that has the ability to infiltrate the minds of others and who seems eerily familiar wants her dead. As Harlow tries to come to grips with the constant threats to her life, and her budding feelings for one of her protectors, visions of her family in turmoil begin to occur regularly. Even with the welcomed distraction of falling in love, Harlow cannot help but agonize over her decision to desert her family. In order to discover her fate she must embark on this precarious journey that could mean saving the worlds. (My Blog: Publishing a YA Trilogy While Raising 2 Kids and a Dog)

About The Author: Valerie Day-Sanchez received both her B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University. She works as a part-time college instructor and has two sons who keep her quite busy. During her free time she likes to give the characters in her mind worlds to live in, which is a slightly off-putting way of saying that she loves to write.
Her passion of the desert southwest is often depicted in her writing.
Writing Y.A. Fantasy is new to her but she is loving every minute of it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest Blogger: Melissa Stevens

Blurb:Steve left his hometown to avoid doing something he knew he would regret. Now, ten years later, the girl he left to avoid has come looking for him, but she's not a child anymore.
Jade has spent the last six years haunted by memories and nightmares. At a turning point in her life, she's tired of waiting for something to change. She tracks down the only person she's ever been drawn to, a man she hasn’t seen in more than ten years. But can she convince him that their differences don't matter, that together they can both find peace?
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Robin's Nest:  AmazonB&NKoboSmashwords
 Author Bio:Melissa was born and raised in Arizona, she’s spent her entire life living across the southern half of the state. She’s found that, along with her husband and three children, she prefers the small towns and rural life to feeling packed into a city.
She started reading at a very young age, and her love for series started early, as the first real books she remembers reading is the Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Through the years she’s found that there’s little she won’t read, and her tastes vary from westerns, to romance, to sci-fi / fantasy and Horror.
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