Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: KateMarie Collins

Welcome KateMarie Collins to my blog.

She is giving us a teaser of her new book "Son Of Course"

“Yes, Lu’Thare. We have much planning to do, you and I.” Mialee came around a corner. Disappointment flared in Senyan. Corse continued to mask his true form, using this one to tempt him. After everything Senyan had done for him, allowing Y’Dürkie’s blade to cut him down, Corse still didn’t trust him.
Senyan spoke as the door closed silently behind him. “That’s not my name any more.” The timbre of his voice fell just short of open rebellion. He watched as she walked over to a small table and poured two glasses of wine. Sensuously, she closed the space between them and offered him one of the glasses.

Coming soon!

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