Thursday, July 11, 2013

From The Ashes By David M. Karder

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Chicago 1871, a city burned unrestrained. In a sea of people, a boy stood alone. Witness through his mind’s eye; the transformation from youth to one of the fiercest gunman of the Wild West.

A writer of western lore, Vernon Shields has an ambition to write a book that will define his career. He meets a remarkable gunfighter, David Murphy, and procures permission to write the gunman's life story. An era evaporated as fast as it emerged. The blazing guns of the west stretched from the Civil War to the turn of the 1900s. These guns and the people who mastered them made their own destiny. Most men died as fast as they drew the steel. However a few walked the walk and lived to tell a tale of quick draw, ambush, killing, and the physical challenges of life itself. This tale told is a strong drink of gunfights, women, lust and adventure; with a chaser saturated by the demands of the heart, the anguish of a tortured soul and a demon’s haunting of the mind. As time passed, the towns blended together, yet David Murphy’s status as a gunslinger continued to grow and feed the beast of rumor and conflict.

Author Don G Porter says, “Storytelling with no shortage of action, delivers a fresh spin to the turn of the century.”

From the author: “Many events molded and transformed this country at the end of the century. My goal is to put the reader in the boots of the main character, David Murphy. To provide an experience of what it was like to live life beginning in the 1860s and Chicago’s great boom.”

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