Friday, June 7, 2013

The Cops Were At The Wrong House

Funny Story that I had to share.

So last night a cop car pulls into my drive.  I walk outside to talk to him because my 7 month old puppy won’t stop barking long enough to hear anything LOL So I knew it would do me no good to try and talk from the doorway.

So I go outside and the officer asks me if this is and he says my address. I said yes. He said have you recently bought a 4 wheeler? I said not really recently. I bought a side by side  Polaris Razr a few months back from and I told him the dealers name. He said oh from and repeated it. I said yes. He said  is that all you have? I said well my son has a dirtbike and my other son has a go cart. He said can I see the Polaris. I said sure and I get ready to walk him to the garage to show him still having no idea why the police are at my house wanting to see my 4 – wheelers LOL

So I get ready to walk him to the garage and a truck pulls in my drive. The cop starts flagging them and yelling “  you can’t be here. Go on down the road.”  I looked at the cop and said I have no idea who that is.

So he keeps yelling at them that they can’t be here. They yelled back at him “You are at the wrong house” LOL

That was too funny. The cop turns to me and says hold on a minute. And starts walking toward the truck. “I’m at the wrong house?” The man and woman in the truck said yes. It’s the next house up LOL

The cop turns around to me and this is no lie. He said. “My bad. I’m at the wrong house. Sorry about that.”

I just laughed and then had to call my husband and tell him. He wasn’t home from work yet. So that was my crazy night.

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