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Deep Dark Secrets -- Chapter One FREE

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Chapter One

The moon’s reflection shimmered off the lake as Evan rowed the boat slowly across the water. The waves rippled smoothly behind the boat. The silence helped him clear his mind as the full moon was soon coming and the lycanthropes would be gathering soon. He wasn’t looking forward to the gathering as he knew what they wanted to discuss. The vampires were out of hand and a battle was about to start.
Evan tried to stay out of the drama even though he knew that was impossible.  He was the pack leader. He hid out in a cabin in the woods and tried not to draw attention to himself. He would kill the occasional vampire that would wonder too far into the woods getting just a little too close for his comfort, but that was it. However, drama always seems to find him. Members of the pack would come to him if they had a problem but he didn’t get too involved in the everyday fights anymore.
Evan slowly edged the boat up to the dock and stepped out. He tied the boat up and then walked back towards the house. The path up to the cabin wasn’t well lit but being a werewolf did have its perks. It was a lonely life, though, and he would give up night vision to be normal any day. As he walked, the cabin began to come into view. Trees surrounded the two story cedar cabin with a wraparound porch and green metal roof. An old fashioned porch swing sat in front of one of the windows.
As he walked inside he did a quick glance around the yard to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. Everything was quite for now but Evan knew it was only a matter of days before that changed. The full moon would be upon him and the gathering would begin. The vampires had to be dealt with. They had been on a killing spree, murdering innocent people without care in the word. It was the duty of the werewolves to protect the people even if the didn’t know about them. It wasn’t about the glory. It was about the code of the lycanthropes. Serve and protect at all cost.
Evan walked in the house and went to take a quick shower before fixing something to eat. He let the hot steamy water run over his six foot tall muscular body as he lathered the shampoo into his dark brown hair. As he was rinsing he heard a loud banging on the door. He jumped out of the shower and quickly through on a pair of shorts. He thought about shifting into his wolf self but decided to check things out first. He slowly walked down the stairs looking in all directions. His heightened hearing helped him listen for out of the ordinary noises. As he started down the stairs he heard the having knocking continued. Evan walked over to door and moved the curtain back slightly so he could see.
Standing on the other side was a woman. She was small, at least 6 inches shorter than him. Her blond was hair a mess from running. She kept looking back as if she had been running from somebody or something as she pounded on the door.
Evan opened the door. “Can I help you?”
“Yes! She said in between heavy breaths. She through her arms around Evan as she tried to catch her breath.  “Thank you so much for opening the door. You have to help me.”
Evan unclenched her arms from his neck and stepped back a little. “What’s wrong? What are you doing here?” Evan gently moved her out of the way as he walked out on the porch and looked around for whatever might have been chasing her.
“I had car trouble and I got out and started walking. My cell battery was dead. So I started walking. This nice guy picked me up but it wasn’t long before I figured out that he wasn’t such a great guy after all.” Her hands trembled.
Evan gave one final glance around and then looked back at her. “Well come on inside and tell me what happened.”
Evan opened the door and motioned for her to come in.
She glanced over her shoulder one last time before hurriedly walking inside.
 He sat down at the kitchen table and pointed to a seat for her. “Why don’t you start by telling me your name?”
            “I’m sorry. My name is Cheyanne. Cheyanne Willows.”
“It’s nice to meet you Cheyanne. My name’s Evan Sanders. Okay so you got in the car with the bad guy and how does that bring you to my house?”
“I’m sorry to bother you.” Her trembling hands ran though her hair as she felt the need to look over her shoulder to the door as if somebody was going to come running in at any minute. “I know you are going to think I’m crazy, but the guy who picked me up knocked me out with something on a rag and when I woke up I didn’t know where I was. I still don’t know where I am.” She couldn’t help the tears from falling. She wiped at them with the back of her hand. “We were on a dark road with trees on both sides and no other cars around. He stopped the car and I wasn’t sure where we were. I grabbed at anything I could, I think it was a mug, and hit him with it before he could do anything to me. That’s when I jumped out of the car and ran.  The next thing I knew, a huge wolf charged out of the woods! It was bigger than any I’d ever seen at the zoo. It tore into the man.” Her eyes welled in tears. “I didn’t want to be next, so I kept running. When I saw the light on here, I hoped someone was home.

Evan squirmed around in his seat a bit. It was almost a little funny. What would she think is she knew that she ran from one wolf to another? What had him more curious was the fact that it must have been a vampire that had her to attract the attention of the pack.
“I don’t think you are crazy. Maybe a little disoriented from whatever he drugged you with. I’m sure it wasn’t a wolf that you saw.”
“Then what was it?” Cheyanne stood up. “I’m not crazy. I know I saw something.”
            “Okay Okay. Have you eaten anything? I was about to fix myself some dinner before you got here. I’ll fix us both something.”
“I am kind of hungry. Thanks.”
Evan walked over to the refrigerator and gathered some eggs, cheese, bell peppers and ham. He was going to whip them up some omelets real fast. He started chopping his peppers and ham as he wondered what he was going to do with this stranger. “Is there anyone you need to call? You can use the phone if you need to.”
Cheyanne snapped out of her thoughts for a minute. “I actually don’t have anyone. I don’t have any family or anything.”
Sadness fell over Evan as it sounded all too familiar. “I’m sorry to hear that.” He said as he continued to prepare their food mainly so he didn’t have to look her in the eyes. There was something special about her. He couldn’t quite figure it out.
“It’s okay. I’m used to it. What about you? Am I going to be attacked by a jealous wife or girlfriend when she sees me sitting in her favorite chair?” Cheyanne shot him a half smile.
Evan was not ready to tell a complete stranger about losing the woman he loved to a horrible vampire attack. He still has nightmares about it years later. He simply smiled and said. “No. I’m all alone here.”
He finished their food and brought it to the table. He poured two tall glasses of iced sweet tea for them to drink and sat down to eat.
“I have a guest room you are more than welcome to stay in tonight and then tomorrow you can figure out what you want to do.”
“Thanks. That would be great.”
Evan showed her to her room when they finished eating and then went to his own room.  He sank down in the bed hoping to relax and sleep but he knew he wouldn’t get much sleep having Cheyenne in the next room. He would give her a ride somewhere in the morning he thought as he rolled over and tried to get some sleep.

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