Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guest Blogger: Yasir Khan - Discussing Google +

A Practical Checklist for Maximizing the Impact of Google+ on your Search Ranking

There is much discussion everywhere on how Google+ is playing a crucial role in enhancing search rankings. You don’t want to miss out on taking advantage, do you? Here is a practical checklist to help you maximize the impact of Google+ on search rankings.

  1. Create your Google+ Profile
The most obvious and the first box to be ticked on the checklist. Complete your Google+ profile with care. Take time to optimize with appropriate keywords, making it easy for your Google+ profile to show up when the relevant keywords are searched. Include keyword anchor texts in your profile, pointing back to your website to receive SEO juice that can bump up the rankings.

  1. Add the +1 Button to Your Website/Blog
+1 is the recommendation button from Google+. When your content receives high number of +1s, Google considers it a measure of relevance of your content for the particular search term and pushes up the search ranking suitably. Besides social signals, +1s also influence your ranking on the personalized search results. When users are logged into their G+ account, the results +1ed by their friends occupy higher positions. Naturally, the more +1s your content gets, greater the chances of this happening.
Make sure that you add the +1 button prominently on your website or blog making it easy for people to +1 your content.

  1. Set Up Your Authorship Profile with Google
To set up the authorship profile, link your content to your Google+ profile using a verified email address or using the “rel=author” parameter. This verifies to Google that you are the author of the content and your author information along with your profile photo shows up alongside the results. Thus even if your result is not very high in the SERP, it stands out due to the author annotation.  This pushes up the click-thru rates, which is the ultimate aim in any case.

  1. Share your Content on Google+
Content on Google+ is indexed lightning fast. Share links to new posts immediately on Google+. Because of being indexed faster, the chances are high that people will become aware of it and click thru to your site to read the content, even if the post by itself has not yet been indexed by Google. This is particularly crucial if you have time sensitive information or if you are privy to information that is not yet common knowledge. Use Google+ to maximize your advantage. Besides, the surge of traffic to your site will also increase your search rankings.

  1. Be Active on Google+ Consistently
You may not have something to share everyday and you should not too. You can share others’ content, comment on others’ posts, connect with peers, etc. These activities help you gain more followers, which is good for SEO. Because when more people add you in their circles, your content gets wider exposure, increasing the chances of +1s and sharing, which lead to higher search rankings.

Do you think more points can make it to this checklist? Please add in the comments and I will update this checklist.

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