Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Penny Estelle

Hi Everyone, 
Please welcome my guest today author Penny Estelle.

What is new with you Penny?
First let me say thanks for having me today. It was an interesting morning. I found an odd  review this morning.  
Really? What did it say?

That's the thing. I wonder should I be down in the dumps over this?  Here's the review:
3 out of 5 stars:
Not bad, not great, pretty much average. Very short. The author was able to make you feel her pain. I wanted to kick her daughter in the butt (although that wouldn't have made her come to her senses).
me - OMG, this is not a nice review
my hubby - well, she didn't say it sucked!

I see what you mean Penny. That is an odd one, but I have to say that I agree with hubby LOL She didn't say it sucked LOL. OH BTW. I love the cover and can't wait to read the book.

Katherine Gardner is awakened at 6:30 in the morning with a call from a strange woman who claims  to have her granddaughter, Rio. This woman is calling the police if Katherine doesn’t make arrangements for somebody to pick this little girl up.

Katherine is fifty-six years old woman and all alone, since her husband died over three years ago. Her life takes a dramatic turn when six-year old Rio comes to stay with her. Rio is a scared little girl whose life is filled with uncertainty and fear.

In her grandmother, Rio finds a safe haven and an unconditional love that she has never known in her six short years and Katherine has found a love to fill the void that has been absent for way too long.

Unfortunately Katherine’s daughter, who deserted Rio, has other ideas.

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  1. Thanks Lizzy for having me. I would sure like to see what others think!

  2. Who cares about the number of stars, I think it's a great review. Why? Because the reader said the very thing we authors hunger to hear "The author was able to make you feel her pain. I wanted to kick her daughter in the butt (although that wouldn't have made her come to her senses)."

    Your reader might not have a clue how to rate the story, but you sucked her into the story. Great accomplishment. Not bad at all.

    Hug your hubby, the reader didn't say it sucked and the review makes me want to read the book.

    1. Thanks for that Cassie. Your words make me feel so much better!

  3. Try not to let reviews get you down. I'm not even sure we should read them, all things being equal. Everybody has a point of view, many people like to judge, and a few even like to find fault. Another take on it is what my mother says, 'If everyone liked chocolate, what would happen to vanilla?'
    Just be sure it's your best work you're putting out there, that you're proud of your stories, and you've done your best with them. Then let the rest go.

    1. Oh rock. You always have such kind and encouraging words.

      Thanks so much.

  4. An author once told me that people are basically mean and that if we want to be in this business, we have to be ready for it. Could be this woman was just in a bad mood and you were the one in her way. Now I'm really interested in buying it.

    1. Dear unknown. I know what you are saying and we all should have thicker skin. I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      Thanks so much

      ps Would it be wrong to hope she wakes up with a big pimple on her nose? just askin'

  5. As a book blogger/reviewer, I can tell you that (in my world, anyway) 3 stars is a good review. Just because you didn't knock her socks off doesn't mean your book was bad. Trust me, if it was bad, you wouldn't have gotten the 3 stars you did. In my rating system, 3 stars = worth the read but borrow it before you buy it, so don't feel bad! :)

  6. It wasn't to her liking maybe but it still doesn't mean it won't be to someone else's. Only one person's opinion and it's 3 stars still not 2 or 1. The best result was getting others to talk about it who may not have seen the book. And, it being short - doesn't it say short story or story length which would explain it? Cute cover btw! Coming 2013: GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

  7. Thanks to everybody who stopped by. You are all wonderful and I appreciate the input very much!

  8. I know an interviewer should be unbiased, critique groups should be unbiased, but face it, I still think a little personal taste creeps in. Can't help it, we're all human. I don't like coffee, I drink tea.

    I know readers that won't buy the five star reviews. I think three stars are great. And as someone said above, you made the reviewer feel. So, kudos to you for that. And that is just one short review. So shrug in off, and get on with writing more stories.

  9. Penny, I love your writing and without knowing it the reviewer told you, you did your job to perfection. You pulled her into the story and turned up her emotions. Good Job. For that alone you deserve a 5*.

  10. Penny, some people don't know how to review. Maybe her 3 is a 5?? Who knows. It isn't a low one which I got for one story put up by an anonymous person. Who is going to believe an anonymous person.

    So it hurts for just a tiny bit. oxo

  11. Penny, I placed myself in your shoes...I also had a 3 star review some time back and it actually discouraged me. Now...I know some are going to like what I write and some aren't...for many reasons.

    Read it without the first sentence...and it reads like a 4-1/2 to 5 star review:) Penny...I know your work, I've reviewed one of your anthologies ~ you have a strong voice and like this reviewer mentioned - excellent characters *grins* You ROCK, babe!

  12. Many of my writing friends won't read their reviews and I understand this. Art is so subjective, who can say conclusively what is good and what isn't? We only know what it good to us.

    Because my book is coming out in April 2014, I'm arming myself for the bad along with the good. To that end, I copied this quote from Daniel Waters (in the book Dear Bully):

    "All writers have armour. Armour is required gear for anyone who wilfully engages in a career path fraught with rejection, public criticism, or, worse, obscurity. I actually think my armour is pretty tough, battle hardened by far too many years trying and
    failing to ‘break in.’ But like any other writer’s, it is patchy and cobbled together out of spare parts, rife with weak spots that could let deadly, near-mortal wounds pass through.
    An arrow can always slip through, a swung club could always bruise. And that’s okay, really, because it is as much a part of my job to feel as it is to make other feel."



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