Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Blogger: Angela Renee

Five Things You Don’t Know About Angela Renee

·         I’m a huge introvert so was an extremely late comer to social media. I’m a web developer so know how to make my way around the Internet, but just chose not to. Social media has been a good thing for us introverts. We can come out of our little hole and be social without coming out of our little hole. Many people mistake my being an introvert with being shy, but I just prefer to do things alone or with immediate family.

·         I wrote my current title You Are Mine, in the 90s and two agents wanted to represent me, but I said no thanks and decided not to go into the publishing industry at that time. My children were still children and I wanted to focus on my family, but looking back, I wonder if my being an introvert had anything to do with my decision to hold off on publishing. Back then authors needed more of a real presence than virtual world presence. Yeah, now that I think back, I think my being an introvert also kept me from pursuing publishing earlier.

·         I live in the desert and LOVE it. When it’s 105° F, I like to sit in the shade and soak in the heat. I literally get upset when it gets down to 60° F. My threshold for the heat is 112° F. My family thinks I’m crazy, but… well, maybe they are correct and the heat has fried my brain.

·         I am a sci-fi geek. I literally have everything Isaac Asimov has ever written, even his non sci-fi works. He was the greatest! At least I think I have everything. Let’s say I have everything I could find.

·         I’m worried about the release of You Are Mine. I’m a debut author and know people are leery of new authors. I’ve studied the industry and know that the more high quality novels you put out the larger your fan base will grow and they will go back and purchase your earlier titles. This is a long endurance race, not a sprint, but my ego wants You Are Mine, to take off. Don’t worry, even if it takes a while, I’m in this for the long haul.

Here’s a little about my debut Sci-Fi Romance novel, You Are Mine. Enjoy

In the hundreds of special assignments Erica Morgan has worked, there was nothing that prepared her for waking one morning on an alien spaceship. More surprisingly, her captor and adversary, the leader of this mission, is the one man who could make her want to leave her home planet and embrace a different life.

D’Jarus Commodore doesn’t want a wife, but his planet is slowly dying, and their salvation lies in the people of Earth. As leader of Darien, he chooses to make a sacrifice and be the first to marry a terran. His captive bride, Erica, is like no other being he has ever met. At first sight he knows he must have her, but for obvious reasons—he did kidnap her after all—she resists him every step of the way.

Buy links: Purchase the Print Version ($9.99) or the electronic version Nook, Kindle ($3.99)

Lizzy, thank you for having me on your blog today. I appreciate it and you.

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