Friday, June 15, 2012

My Ordeal with the bank

Hi Everyone, I had to share my wonderful experience with my bank today. Ok not so much wonderful LOL

So it all starts this morning when I just randomly decide to check my online banking. I notice that my deposit that I dropped in the night box Monday night was not showing up.I thought that was odd with this being Friday.

I call up the bank and ask them. They say nothing is showing and I love this part LOL Are you sure you came here and made the deposit.

Oh of course that must be the problem. Instead I must have went to wal-mart or Burger King and gave them my deposit LOL So I very nicely say yes I went there and drove up in front and told them what I drove and where I parked the car.

The lady asks me "Are you sure you didn't leave it in your purse?"

HMMM yes that's what I did. I drove all the way to the bank. 10 minutes from my house. Pulled up in front of the bank and then decided oh you know what I'll just leave the deposit in my purse and go on back home. Yes that must be what happened. LOL

So She tells me that she will review the bank video camera and call me back.

 I said great. Ok so you will see me on the camera that I was yes in fact there. Then what? Do I get my deposit counted then?

She says well no. That will just prove you were here. I guarantee that the deposit is not in our bank. We have no record of it anywhere.

So now I am really getting angry but again and only answering my answers nice and calmly since they are the ones that have control of my lost money LOL. I tell the lady ok just give my husband a call back at his number with what you find out because by now I've had it up to my neck with dealing with this lady.

So a couple of hours go by and the bank manager calls my husband up and says "I'm very sorry about this mix up. We looked at the video and your wife drove the car that she said, parked where she said, and we watched her drop the envelope in the box. We went back trhough our envelopes for that day and found hers stuck to the back of another deposit envelope." They plan to make my deposit today.

So they flat out called me crazy. I didn't actually make a deposit and I must have just left it in my purse or dropped it. Also told me that they were 100% sure it was no where in the bank. Then call me back and tell me all is right in the world. They found it. Oh and that they are sorry.

So topic question: Would you stay with this bank over one mistak in the 5 years I've banked with them or would you run as fast and as far as you can away from them and bank somewhere else?


  1. My answer comes from the first use of the word "bank." Leave the bank and switch to a credit union as fast as you can. If you're referring to a CC, then never mind.

    In a way, I don't think them asking the various questions was bad practice. I'm envisioning a stoned-out crackhead shoving McDonalds wrappers into the deposit box then calling the next day claiming they deposited money. I imagine they've had more than one instance where a person insisted they made a deposit, but DID leave it in their car or whatever.

    Always deposit using the ATM. It will print a receipt showing what you claim to have deposited, so that would have eliminated much of the questioning.

    I think they didn't do quite enough for you to switch (unless it's a bank, in which case, see first paragraph). You did finally get your money and it didn't take months and a lawsuit.

  2. LOL That was too funny "I'm envisioning a stoned-out crackhead shoving McDonalds wrappers into the deposit box then calling the next day claiming they deposited money"

    But yes so true. I did get my money back. So all is well again in my checkbook LOL


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