Sunday, May 13, 2012


I’ve learned to love to write.  I’m also very, very glad that I can do so with my eyes closed.  Because, if I leave them open, all sorts of things make me drift away from the page….

Oh!  Look!  It’s sunny out!

What was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  I have to write with my eyes closed.  One reason I do this is because I’m extremely critical of my own writing.  If I watched the words appear on the page, I’d stop and spend 45 minutes trying to decide if I have the right adjective in there.  If I keep them closed, my fingers seem to find the perfect way to describe the movie in my head.  It works for me, and I’m not going to change any time soon.

Then, there’s the cat.

My cat is 14 years old, going on 15.  Though you’d never know it if you saw her.  She doesn’t even weigh 5lbs.  Athena is very wise, but at this age she’s also very set in her ways.  And she insists on spending x amount of time sleeping on me every day.  Usually while I’m on my computer trying to write.  She and I have worked out something where she can sleep on me (draped across my shoulder and chest) and my hands are still free to type.  It usually works.  But I also have to check over sections to make sure there’s not a random sing-along of “Soft Kitty” that’s been inserted into the dialogue.

My family’s pretty understanding.  If the music’s blaring and my office doors are shut, they let me be unless it’s an emergency.  Though I do have to define emergency to my youngest every now and then.  It’s if someone’s bleeding or on fire, not if they want to know if they can have a snack. 

Hmmm…I haven’t had my coffee yet.

The last few months have been incredible for me.  I went from no contract to signed, ebook, and paperback faster than I’d ever dreamed.  And I got to meet Lizzy, who’s amazing in her own right. 

Wow…the sun is still out.  For Seattle Suburbia at this time of year, that’s worth celebrating.

Good thing the hubby plans to mow the lawn today.  I’ve got a sequel to work on.

For those interested, I’ll put all the fun stuff about how to find me or my book!  I like talking, if you haven’t noticed.

KateMarie Collins

Twitter:  @DaughterHauk


  1. That's definitely a unique way of writing. I've tried that a couple of times but when I'd opened them, I find that everything was typed all wrong.

    It definitely helps when I'm trying to write a particular scene and I need to visualize what the scene is.

  2. Thanks for stopping by today Kate!