Monday, April 9, 2012

"Marketing Your Ebook" Tips From Author Kelly Abell

Social Networking for Marketing Books
What have you got to lose?

In a word? Nothing. Setting up social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Plus, or all of the aforementioned websites is a great way to get your name in front of book buyers. How do you know if they will buy your book? You don’t, but I can guarantee you if they don’t know about it, they definitely won’t buy it.

The key to successfully using these sites is the make connections. Connect with writing groups in your genre, begin participating in discussions that have nothing to do with your book. DON’T SPAM about your book. Just begin to build relationships with people and discuss other books you’ve read, blog or tweet about the latest greatest movie, or something else that interests you. I’m a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars and I tweet about that all the time.

Make sure your profile says you are an author. A correctly worded profile will draw people to learn more about you. If you’ve won an award for a book or story, briefly state that. Don’t say anything untrue, but be sure to mention your accomplishments.

Once you’ve established connections on other topics and established some followers then begin to trickle things about your book. One liners that are of interest. Maybe it’s a piece of dialogue from your book that is particularly intriguing. I enjoy seeing those posts on the various websites and I’ve bought books because of them. Some examples of things I’ve seen are:

“What did she kill him?”
“Oh my God, he’s at the door. What do I do?”
“John, a credible doctor, just killed a woman on the operating table. What’s going to happen to him now?”

Those are just examples, but they are effective marketing bleeps about your book that might draw a reader to want to know more. Be sure to include your buy link so they can find you. What’s the point of getting someone interested and not leaving them a way to take advantage of that urge to satisfy that impulse buy.

Will you be an overnight success? No. But if your patient, a key to being a successful marketer, you will begin to see your followers build and your friendships grow and more readers will find you.

Good luck and I hope you find this information helpful as you begin to navigate the social networking waters in an effort to introduce a sea of readers to your work.

Kelly Abell
Author – Cursed, Episode 1 – The Hunters of the Cross Chronicles



  1. Thanks for the tips, very useful as I have an ebook out, my first this summer...

    Also following your blog, why not follow mine at

    Nice to connect....

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