Monday, March 26, 2012

What is the funniest bad review you ever got?

What is the funniest bad review you have ever recieved?

Here is one of mine from an actual amazon customer. I will Bold type the parts that I thought was really funny.

Actual Amazon review:

"The first three books were poorly written. Its like the author did not want to spend much time on them, if the author had i bet the books would have been a lot better. It was very sad to read the first three books because the characters were so interesting but then right after they were introduced the rest of the book went so fast that it was just a big blur and the story line went everywhere. The author never really went into much detail about how the characters progressed from book to book. In my opinion there is really no point in even looking at the last book considering how the first three were so poorly written. I really had high hopes for these books but to be honest it read and sounded like a teenager wrote it(seeing how the "" were all over the place). "

Ok. Is it just me or do you also find this review to be totally funny. I mean the reviewer said several time that she bought 3 out of the 4 books. If you hated book one soooo much why would you buy book 2 and then buy book 3 and then say that you aren't going to buy book 4. We all know she probably bought book 4 too LOL

Share one of your funny reviews with us.

Many Thanks to Kayden McLeod on the awesome covers.


  1. I guess it's "These books are horrible and why aren't there more of them" syndrom.

    I've never had a funny review. That is, they could have been funny but I was too busy trying to pull the knife from my back to notice. Is that something you get used to? Or do you have to wait for a giant callous to form on your back?

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  2. lol. You just get used to them. For some reason the good reviews you have to practically beg for LOL but the bad ones come along all by themselves.

    But I say who cares. There is no such thing as bad publicity. All 4 of this series has been an amazon best seller as some point and time.

    I just take the bad review and write a blog about it LOL

  3. Hi Lizzy,

    I got a good chuckle reading the above review. I too am scratching my head around the reviewer's logic. Despite claiming to not like the early books, the reviewer continued to *buy* and *read* the follow on books.

    To quote Charlie Sheen, Lizzy, you are "Winning!"

    Daniel Springer

    1. LOL I know but like I said there is no bad publicity. Give me a bad review and I'll give you a blog post LOL

  4. Great post - Lizzy. I have only had about 10 reviews total and none were too bad - YET. I'll probably have to give up on writing then. My skin is not thick enough yet.

    1. Trust me the more you sell the more bad reviews you will get. It's just the way it is.LOL

      Look at "chasing Amanda" by Melissa Foster. Great book. I loved it. It has sold over 120 thousand copies in less than a year. Our of that it has only received 218 reviews on amazon 72 of them were either 1 or 2 star negative reviews. But the book keeps selling.

      The first negative review you get will upset you and hurt your feeling then just move on and forget about it. Laugh it off.

      And most important: Keep writing. Don't ever let a negative review keep you from writing. :)

  5. That is amusing. "After 186 hours of reading this series of books, I've determined they are a waste of time."

    I saw on one of the Amazon discussion groups a guy posted, "Can anyone recommend a novel that is like an Indiana Jones story but is not an Indiana Jones story?" I replied and linked to the Amazon reviews of my first novel, Jack and the Jungle Lion, where reviewers said the book read like an Indiana Jones adventure. I thought I had an easy sell. He responded, "Thanks, but I'll stick with Indy."

    1. Like Billy Currington's country song "People are crazy" LOL

  6. I haven't had a bad review yet, but I'm sure it will happen. I will feel like crawling into a hole--like everyone else.